Diabetes + Innovation 2013


Diabetes Innovation 2013 is a groundbreaking, immersive event where healthcare leaders unite to work towards a future without diabetes. Sermo and Joslin have reunited again to co-author a survey to gain physician opinion on emerging trends related to diabetes management and obesity. The results of this pre-conference survey have been published below. The same questions will be asked of conference attendees with the results published on Sermo for comparison and discussion. In addition, one of our own, lasermed1, will be blogging from the conference each day, and providing a conference round-up at its conclusion.

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  • 07 SUN JOSLIN Diabetes Innovation 2013 Summary

    The conference was designed to get all the different groups talking. It was NOT your usual medical conference. We were docs, insurance companies, individuals with diabetes, innovators, care providers, pharmacists, and all the other folks involved with diabetes care.

    by lasermed1
  • 06 SAT JOSLIN Diabetes Innovation 2013 Day 3

    I got a chance to talk to Lik Fun Chan this morning. She came to present the difference between the poll results from Sermo and the results from the conference. You might want to check this out.

    by lasermed1
  • 05 FRI JOSLIN Diabetes Innovation 2013 Day 2

    1. "Diabetes is different" than most other disease processes. 2. "It takes a village" to treat diabetes.

    by lasermed1
  • 04 THURS JOSLIN Diabetes Innovation 2013 Day 1

    We need to be creative and innovative with our care. It's time to harness the technology and use it to help manage medical conditions. Patients can take their blood pressure or check their blood sugar and send the results to "the cloud"....

    by lasermed1
  • 03 WED JOSLIN Diabetes Innovation 2013

    This meeting that is being held in a Washington, DC is strangely quiet. The government is presently shut down. World War II veterans are breaking into the WWII memorial after traveling long distances, but congressmen and others are not allowed to enter by the US park service...

    by lasermed1

Diabetes Innovation 2013 Conference Survey back to top ↑

Joslin and Sermo asked over 200 U.S. primary care physicians and endocrinologists to share their thoughts on emerging technology and news related to diabetes management and obesity.

  • Question Please indicate the degree to which you agree with the following statement: The cost of glucose monitoring strips, which limits their availability for people with diabetes, is a serious problem requiring immediate government action.

    Both Sermo MDs and Joslin DI2013 attendees agreed that the cost of glucose monitoring strips is a serious problem, and there should be immediate government action

  • Question In the past 12 months, how has the role of patient-physician social networks changed – if at all – in improving patient adherence and outcomes in your practice?

    More Sermo MDs felt that there has been no change in the role of patient-physician social networks in improving patient adherence and outcomes than Joslin attendees

  • Question Look AHEAD, a trial of an intensive lifestyle intervention for diabetes, was recently halted because the intervention did not affect glucose levels. Which one of the following statements do you most agree with?

    Both Sermo MDs and Joslin attendees indicated that first-line treatment for diabetes should focus on healthier diets and exercise over medical treatments

  • Question What do you consider the highest research priorities in diabetes today?

    The highest research priority today for both Sermo physicians and Joslin attendees is to prevent and treat obesity

  • Question How do you predict the Affordable Care Act will affect access to medical care for people with diabetes?

    Joslin attendees were more optimistic than Sermo MDs, with more DI2013 attendees indicating that access to high-quality care will improve with advent of ACA

October 3–5, 2013
Omni Shoreham Hotel
Washington, D.C.