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October 25, 2016

SERMO Launches Social Surveys, Changing the Research Game by Marrying Market Research with Social

Social conversation now part and parcel of SERMO quantitative studies

NEW YORK, NY — SERMO, the leading global social network exclusively for physicians and largest health care professional (HCP) polling company, today announces a revolutionary new research feature called Social Surveys. Social Surveys are SERMO’s traditional quantitative surveys with a unique social component that allows respondents to dialogue with each other on the SERMO social network about the study and related topics. For the first time, clients not only receive the quantitative data commissioned in the core study, but also relevant, user-generated content from the accompanying social discussion on SERMO, which can be thought of as qualitative data. This social conversation is provided free to clients who conduct research with SERMO physicians.

"When I merged WorldOne and SERMO, the social network, I knew that social would bring tremendous value to the market research industry, which has really only seen a few major innovations over the years," said SERMO CEO Peter Kirk. "Market research started with in-person, door-to-door studies, then it moved to phone surveys, followed by digital research panels. Today we introduce a meaningful breakthrough: market research has moved to the social realm. We are pleased to pioneer this unique innovation and provide our quantitative research with organic social conversations. Clients will receive the research they commissioned and, with Social Surveys, they will also get user-generated content that can be thought of as an unfiltered 'tell me how you really feel' discussion. Now researchers will receive social conversations as part and parcel of every SERMO study, for free.”

SERMO Social Surveys were developed to address the limitations of traditional quantitative data collection. Conventional quantitative surveys are one-directional and force respondents to answer within a fixed structure. As a result, the responses often miss the type of subtleties found in qualitative research.

“As researchers, we use surveys to get answers from experts,” explained Kirk. “We do our best to ask the right questions, word them precisely, and target the appropriate groups. Surveys request answers in a very specific, and therefore somewhat limited way, but real-world medicine is often complicated and always nuanced,” he continued. “Social Surveys capture those incredibly important nuances.”

The addition of social conversation insights is transformational, as it yields a much richer data set by allowing respondents to discuss the survey and related topics on SERMO.

SERMO (formerly WorldOne) has pioneered many innovations in the industry. Understanding globalization trends, SERMO was the first healthcare data collection company to be truly global. Appreciating the increasing urgency clients face, SERMO was the first to launch global micro-surveys (our current RealTime tool). Now, with the combined strength of SERMO, the largest global social network of physicians and a legacy of market research breakthroughs, SERMO is spearheading the first hybrid of market research and social conversation.

SERMO is the leading global social network for physicians – the world’s largest virtual doctors’ lounge, where hundreds of thousands of fully verified and licensed global physicians anonymously talk real-world medicine, collectively solve cases, respond to healthcare polls, and earn honorarium from surveys. SERMO is also the world’s largest health care professional (HCP) polling company, conducting 700,000 surveys per year. The SERMO platform is comprised of 2 million HCPs from 80 countries, and includes the largest U.S. physician panel in existence: over 800,000 doctors who represent over 80 percent of the U.S. physician population. By giving doctors a private and trusted platform for open dialogue with international colleagues, and by presenting more opportunities to engage with and learn from global HCPs, SERMO is revolutionizing real-world medicine.

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