Caption This: Physicians Submit Their Funny Captions

Caption this Summer Grill cartoon

With summer in full swing, we asked doctors on Sermo to caption this grill cartoon, created by cartoonist Jerry King. Here are some choice selections for the best captions they submitted.

“Anesthesiology has its benefits” – Psychiatry

“I collect a lot of hot air from the administrators around me….” – Emergency Medicin 

“Hey neighbor, look what I got covered under my HSA. My dentist told me I need to work on my grill!” – Internal Medicine

“Does this tank make my grill look small?” – Rheumatology

“This was my award for the top score on my MOC.” – Psychiatry

“Who needs an autoclave? I sterilize instruments on the grill.” – Family medicine

“I haven’t found an insurance company to cover it yet, but when I do, I’ll invite you over.” – Urology 

“You need to know, Frank, that I couldn’t afford homeowner’s insurance after I paid my malpractice policy.” – Psychiatry

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