Sermo Launches Pages


Sermo has created a new way for companies and organizations to have a presence on Sermo and engage with our doctors. Sermo Pages, which are similar to pages on Facebook and LinkedIn, was launched today, providing companies and organizations with an opportunity to share information, patient cases and resources with the community and have conversations with our doctors for free.

Sermo Pages are:

  • A way for a company or organization to have their own social platform within the leading social network for doctors.
  • A company or organization’s home on the social network where they can share their stories and start conversations with the most engaged physicians on an ongoing basis.
  • A way for a company or organization to market their brands and/or be a thought leader about a specific topic.

“Sermo Pages create a cutting edge way to engage with doctors where they live,” said Peter Kirk, CEO of Sermo. “They provide brands with the unique opportunity to converse with our physicians directly and receive insight from them. They can share news, marketing messages and educational programs with our doctors as well as information about clinical trials and events.”

The main feature of a Sermo Page is the ability to generate posts. Page owners can invite doctors to discuss their posts and engage in active conversations or just use the property as a virtual billboard. Pages will appear on Sermo’s homepage, keeping them top of mind for doctors in the environment where they already go to learn. Companies and organizations can create as many pages as they like and can purchase traffic drivers to ensure their targeted audience sees their pages.

Companies and organizations can create Sermo Pages on their own through Sermo’s client portal. Similar to Facebook and Twitter, Sermo Pages have a customizable hero image and logo as well as posts that can include images and soon embedded video. They also allow for companies and organizations to link directly to third-party resources.

For more information on Sermo pages please check out

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