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Sermo Partnerships

Reaching physicians and other healthcare professionals is harder than ever. Doctors are increasingly tuning out traditional promotional tactics. Instead, seeking peer recommendations and valuable medical education from trusted sources.

Sermo was created to meet this need. We provide a forum for physicians to collaborate, share insights, and follow content to improve patient care and the medical industry as a whole.

With over 1.5 million verified members globally, Sermo offers unmatched access to a highly targeted audience of verified specialists. Our members are hungry for new medical knowledge and eager to provide feedback that impacts the industry and improves health outcomes.

Now is the time to tap into our engaged community. We offer two partnership opportunities to help you achieve your goals of educating, engaging with, and marketing to physicians.

Affiliate Partnerships: Help grow our community by promoting Sermo to new potential members. Earn hefty commissions on every new signup. 

Content Partnerships: Share your high-quality medical content with our engaged community of doctors. Expand your reach and impact. 

Apply to Sermo’s Affiliate Program

If you have an active audience of healthcare professionals, let’s talk.

Join our affiliate program to get paid for promoting Sermo to new members. Get started by selecting your company type below.

As an affiliate partner you’ll:

  • Earn competitive commissions when your referrals sign up and activate their accounts. Rates start at $20 per new active physician and increase based on activities and delivery.
  • Get paid easily with monthly direct deposit. Real-time reporting allows you to track your commissions.
  • Access branded content like articles, social posts, email templates, banner ads, and more to easily promote Sermo. Have co-branded content created on request. We make it simple to get started.
  • Receive dedicated support from our partnership team. We’ll work with you to craft customized campaigns aligned to your audience, platforms, and goals.
  • Reinforce your credibility in the medical space by collaborating with a leading community for doctors. Sermo has been recognized as The Most Empowering Physician Peer Development Medical Community in 2023 and by The Journal of Medical Internet Research for physician engagement.
  • Gain data-driven insights into effective messaging and content for doctors through our affiliate campaign reporting and analytics.

Affiliate Partnership FAQs

How often are payments made?
Monthly direct deposit. 

How can I access real-time reporting on my affiliate campaigns?
A real-time dashboard to track clicks, leads, signups, commissions and more is available within the Impact platform. 

What marketing collateral and campaigns do you offer to support new partners?
Digital ads, social posts, email templates, co-branded content creation and links are some of the options available. We are also open to create custom collateral for your audience. 

Content Partnerships

Share your high-quality medical content with Sermo’s engaged community of 1 million+ physicians.

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As a content partner you’ll:

  • Expand your reach and engagement by connecting with our global community of verified doctors. We’ll help amplify your content to drive more views and engagement.
  • Increase awareness and establish thought leadership by collaborating with a top social platform designed specifically for physicians and peer learning. 
  • Access a breadth of Sermo digital channels to share your content including the community feed, email newsletter, Sermo Rounds webinars and social media channels. 
  • Maintain full control over your content library and publishing strategy. We’re simply your distribution partner. 
  • Receive performance reports detailing content views, click-through rates, and other engagement metrics to optimize your ROI. 
  • Get personalized support from our partnership team to ideate and implement creative content campaigns tailored to your KPIs. We help you understand what works with a global community of physicians.

Content Partnership FAQs

What types of content do you accept?
Social posts, medical education, research abstracts and papers, case studies, white papers, webinars.

Do you promote sponsored content?
Yes, paid promotion opportunities are available outside of a partnership.

How does Sermo help partners create content tailored to physicians?
Our team can assist with ideation and creation of physician-tailored content.