Find answers fast with our physician insights platform

In today’s marketplace, real time insights have gone from “nice to have” to “must have.” The answer: stream innovative insights from the medical world with the leading physician analytics platform.

Access data curated from verified physicians worldwide—instantly

Transform the way you serve your customers and grow your business by streaming insights from the frontlines of healthcare. The Sermo medical data platform makes finding the latest facts and figures a truly seamless process.


1.3M HCPs across 150+ countries and 96+ specialties


600,000+ HCP respondents last year


22M+ answers collected last year

Quantitative & Qualitative research capabilities

We’re more than just a physician insights panel – we’re a community of physicians that WANT to contribute insights to help advance medical knowledge and innovation.

Stop waiting around for expensive, slow insights that may be outdated by the time you’re able to act upon them. Gain the quantitative and qualitative insights you need to make data-driven decisions with speed and efficiency through:

  • Video/Tele-depth Interviews, Online Bulletin Boards & Online Focus Groups
  • Full-service quant from patient record forms and ATUs to real-world studies
  • Quick-turn insights powered by RealTime

One insights platform, unlimited use cases

Get the latest physician analytics to support your strategic objectives:

  • Test Creative/Messaging
  • Gain brand insights
  • Conduct marketplace sizing
  • Support business development initiatives
  • Inform private equity due diligence
  • Collect physician healthtech insights

End-to-end survey delivery capabilities

Save time by leveraging our network of expert healthcare researchers for:

  • Questionnaire optimization or design
  • Data processing
  • Charting
  • Business insights presentations

More unique ways to understand your customers

We’re so much more than a panel. Tap into our global social platform to understand what physicians are really saying.


Social media listening among physicians who are openly and honestly sharing their opinions on treatments, patient care and industry trends.

Drug Ratings

Analyze brand perception and gain competitive intel with the world’s only database of peer-reviewed treatments—1M physician ratings and counting!

Spend less time “doing,” and more time making decisions

Transform your business with Sermo’s insights & engagement solutions

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