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Today’s physician is online and social – are you?

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Leverage Sermo’s physicians-only platform to seamlessly deliver your content in a trusted environment where physicians come to share frontline information, learn from the industry, and have honest conversation with peers.


1 million triple-verified and credentialed physician members from 150+ countries


89% of physicians trust the information they see on Sermo


93% of physicians learn new things on Sermo about medicine that benefits their practice

We’re an extension of your team

Kick-off call with your Dedicated Client Success Manager to review goals and timelines

Develop creative leveraging Sermo’s best practices and physician content needs

Program launches to engage and educate your target physicians

Monitor program performance and optimize as needed to meet your goals

Review program success metrics and recommendations to continue driving impact

1 platform, endless engagement & education opportunities

Sermo is a medically-relevant environment where healthcare brands natively engage their target physician audience and drive results. Through our HCP engagement platform, you can engage physicians while gaining meaningful healthcare insights that improve the way you position yourself in the marketplace

Brand lifecycle support

Build your brand on Sermo and keep the conversation going long after launch.

Physician recruitment

Easily identify and connect with physicians that match your ideal targeting criteria from specialty down to the zip code.

CME promotion

Reach a large and engaged audience of physicians with your CME content.

Events & webinars

Engage with physicians through events and webinars hosted on Sermo.

Patient Cases

Share your real-world patient cases so physicians can see the impact and benefit of your treatment.

Frontline information

Share your brand’s latest news and updates with a targeted physician audience.

Knowledge sharing

Sermo’s platform provides a space for physicians to share information and knowledge with one another.

KOL discussions

Get insights and perspectives from some of the leading experts in your field.

Physician engagement best practices

As the largest online community for physicians, Sermo offers a unique opportunity to connect with and learn from your peers. But what are the best provider engagement strategies?

Make it visually stimulating — physicians are consumers too!

Building your brand’s equity​ increases trust

It’s important to stay balanced – but careful, you don’t want to be overtly promotional

Create a 1:1 connection – deploy the same features you’d ​engage with

Tell a story rooted in data – successful content marries narrative with facts

What makes you special? Highlight an unmet need​ to differentiate your brand

Leverage the power of peer-to-peer – let your trusted KOLs and DOLs do the talking

Level up! Take the next step with personalized physician engagement experiences

Offer a clear call-to-action ​– make it easy to take the next step in your content journey

Engagement solutions designed to inform decisions

At Sermo, we have the HCP engagement solutions brands need to get expert input that allows you to make decisions that propel your business further.

  • Drive awareness about your product with feed-based and message-based opportunities
  • Create a 1:1 clinical dialogue through unique engagement tactics such as polls, virtual events, open commenting and more

Spend less time “doing,” and more time making decisions

Transform your business with Sermo’s insights & engagement solutions

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