Equity and inclusion

Diversity Matters. But Equity and Inclusion Matter More at Sermo.

We at Sermo believe that diversity is the foundation of our global organization—and it is built into the DNA of our team. However, we also recognize that diversity is just a starting point. We know that diversity is meaningless unless we also actively and authentically work to ensure that everyone’s voice is not only heard, but valued. It is just one of the reasons that amplifying what our physician members and employees have to say—and sharing this with the healthcare community at-large—is the most important thing we do. 

It Starts With Our Employees

Sermo’s values are built on the unique experiences, perspectives and points of view of all of our 450+ employees across eight countries, including the United States, Japan, Lithuania, Mexico, China, the UK, and Spain. We intentionally foster a diverse, collaborative and open company culture where diversity of experience, culture and thought are not only valued, but sought out. It not only betters our culture, but it ensures we continue to  provide the best business insights and solutions to our customers.  

We Seek Globally Diverse HCP Representation

Sermo’s members are made up of HCPs representing 150+ countries and 96+ specialties. We welcome any and all healthcare practitioners as members—as long as we are able to verify their credentials and identity. Our recruitment strategy is focused on the key specialties and geographies that are most requested for our customers’ healthcare research projects. Within these areas, we seek membership of all practitioners.   

We Are Highlighting Sermo’s Values With Our “Equity in Healthcare” Campaign

As the leading voice in HCP insights, our mission is to shed light on the disparities in healthcare that are driven by race, age, gender, and socio-economic factors. Through our research and work with our global social community, we give voice to inequities, while highlighting solutions to these growing and long-standing problems. 

To add visibility and impact to our health equity initiatives, we’ve launched the “Equity In Healthcare” campaign on our physician social platform. We regularly collect physician insights about important healthcare topics that we then share with the public via our blog and social channels. Here’s a look at some recent posts and data we’ve collected:

Racism Is a Public Health Issue, Say Doctors’ Groups 
70% of physicians said that both police violence and the disproportionate impact of the coronavirus on communities of color have shed light on stark health disparities.

New Research Links Climate Change to Pregnancy Risks, Affecting Black Mothers Most 
62% of physicians are alarmed to learn that climate change affects African Americans disproportionately.

Hospital Inequalities Linked to Death Rates in Covid-19 Patients 
84% of physicians believe that disparities in hospital care need to be addressed.

Research Shows High-Achieving Black Men at Risk for Depression 
86% of physicians believe that shedding light on this problem is the first step in addressing it.

Why Aren’t We Talking About Young Black Suicide? 
73% of physicians agree that Black child suicide should be getting more attention.

Younger Minorities Hit Harder by Covid-19 Deaths 
70% of physicians believe populations of people who have been disproportionately stricken by COVID should receive a vaccine first.

Covid-19 Vaccine May Be Delayed Due to Lack of Minority Recruitment 
81% of physicians believe their patients will be receptive to a vaccine once approved.

Excess Deaths From Covid-19 Affect People of Color Most
89% of physicians said we need to put policies in place to better protect the vulnerable populations.

We also recruit physicians to share their own unique perspectives. Here is a sample of what some Sermo physicians have written regarding their own experiences:

“As a practitioner of color who has a majority of patients, who are of color (many who live in rural areas and with health disparities), I have witnessed this firsthand. This topic is actually one that I am most passionate about and hopefully others who have not been as knowledgeable about it, will become more knowledgeable.” 
 —Christina Stevenson, Family Medicine / Practice (FP), Psychiatry

“In several studies, discriminated groups have been shown to report a less satisfactory experience with the health system, which further compounds the existing problem.”
—Barbara Moreno, Pediatrics, Venezuela

“Racism could have a very serious effect on mental, emotional, psychological and physical health including death.”
—Gupta PD Gupta, General Practice, United Kingdom

Get Involved

Follow along as Sermo prioritizes and drives important discussions around the value of identifying and supporting racially and culturally diverse healthcare practitioners. Our goal is to find solutions to the healthcare disparities that continue to impact our most vulnerable populations.

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  • Submit a topic for consideration for this campaign by emailing us at news@sermo.com

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