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Our Quality Guarantee to Your Business

With 20+ years of innovation and tradition, we provide frictionless access to global physicians for the business insights and engagements you need. We guarantee our data and program quality so you can be 100% confident you’re getting trusted insights and interactions from fully-verified HCPs.

Our quality pillars

Verified physician reach

Members go through a rigorous verification process:

  • Medical credential check
  • Identify validation
  • Sermo database de-dupe
  • Sermo database check against Government Exclusion Lists

100% confidence in our panel security framework

State-of-the-art panel security framework includes 30+ quality checks that:

  • Continuously monitor member actions
  • Flag suspicious activity
  • Prompt re-verification as needed

Trusted, end-to-end data integrity processes

Data quality you can trust

  • In-house QA team
  • In-survey automated quality control measures
  • Manual survey data review

You’re in good hands

Sermo implements industry best practices and cutting edge technology to ensure your study is secure, compliant with all global laws, and meets the highest data integrity standards.

ESOMAR compliance

ESOMAR28 answers

Global data protection measures

Data Privacy
GDPR Compliance
CCPA Compliance
HIPAA Compliance

Pharmacovigilance & safety information handling

In-house PV Team and processes developed in line with EMA’s Good Pharmacovigilance Practices and global industry guidelines

Employee training and awareness programs

  • Continuous cycle of assessment, education, reinforcement and measurement in key areas
  • Anti-bribery and business ethics
  • Safety information handling
  • Data protection & cyber awareness

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