Medical market research surveys

On-demand, physician-powered medical market research surveys 

Gain vital medical insights from the frontlines of healthcare with Sermo medical market research surveys. From quick-turn insights within hours to annual global ATU trackers, we tailor a solution specifically to meet your research needs.

We are the leading medical research company in the world, with more than 22 million HCP answers collected in 2021 alone. Get the answers your organization needs faster than ever before with a Sermo doctor market research survey. 

Are you a….

  • Pharmaceutical company?
  • Biotechnology organization?
  • Medical device manufacturer?
  • Medical marketing organization?
  • Healthcare management consultancy?
  • Market research organization? 
  • Any other organization looking to gain medical insights?

If you have a place within the healthcare industry, Sermo’s fully-customizable physician market research data is here to support you or your client’s business goals.

Discover the insights that will drive the next wave of medical advancements. Some of the types of data you can access using HCP market research include:

  • Changing healthcare dynamics
  • Treatment decision-making processes
  • Unmet needs in the marketplace
  • Medical marketing effectiveness
  • Investment due diligence
  • Product development 

Tap into a community of HCPs that care about the future of medicine

The future of medicine requires the collaboration of healthcare organizations and frontline workers to provide not just good data, but actionable data.

The Sermo community is one of a kind. Every member is triple-verified, and all panelists have joined with a shared goal – to contribute to the future of medicine. With more than 1.3 million trusted, verified healthcare practitioners across 150 countries, this is a community playing its part in the latest medical advancements.

How your peers are leveraging Sermo physician market research data

The Sermo Physician market research difference:

1. Reach only verified, trusted HCPs

Sermo goes the extra mile to triple-verify every panelist and ensure they are who they say they are and have an active medical license. Our commitment to keeping the Sermo community honest and updated is why thousands of global medical organizations trust us to get them the insights they need. Our community covers every niche within the medical world, reaching 95+ specialties ranging from general practitioners to payors and KOLs.

2. Customize your surveys using our best practices to drive engagement

Get only the information you need with fully customizable surveys. Choose the format and question types to ensure you get meaningful data that has a direct impact on your business objectives. 

Your dedicated team of Project Managers, Programmers, and QA specialists will review your survey from A-Z to ensure optimal set-up, saving you time to focus on what matters most – transforming healthcare.

3. Leverage real-world data to make real-world impact

Our members work on the frontline of modern medicine, interacting with their fellow professionals and patients every single day. This direct experience with the realities of the medical world offers a huge cache of information you can tap into to grow your business.

4. Enhance your expertise

Learn from the best with detailed physician market research. Through our platform, you’ll have on-demand access to an encyclopedia of knowledge to develop your latest products, strategy, and value proposition.

5. Physician market research data drives change

Conducting medical market research surveys is all about actionable insights. Acquire better results and gain a competitive advantage by partnering with the number one medical community in the world.

6. Understand true market demand

Resources aren’t limitless, and you need to direct them to all the right places. Make a bigger impact with your organization by learning about the true market demand for products and services.

Collaborate with your target demographic to create what they truly need to support better patient care. 

7. Drive medical advancements 

The surveys conducted on our platform are designed to drive the latest developments within the world of medicine. For example, almost 70,000 surveys alone have been conducted on the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s the heroes of this community that play an active part in helping organizations like yours deliver better outcomes for professionals and patients.

Connect with a community determined to change the face of medicine and save lives. Get in touch with us today to start your next doctor market research survey.

We’re an extension of your team

Acquiring actionable data has never been simpler. Your dedicated Sermo team does all the heavy lifting, tailoring the physician market research survey to collect the exact insights you need from the exact specialists you want. Customize to your heart’s content and ensure that you get meaningful insights for each and every survey.

1: Understand your goals: 1-1 consultation about your research needs and problems you need to solve

2: Craft a research solution: from quick-turn to full-service quantitative and qualitative studies, we customize the right methodology and service add-ons to meet your goals

3: Launch your study: your dedicated Project Manager monitors progress to ensure we meet your timelines, quota and expectations

4: Gain actionable insights: leverage your research findings to make informed business decisions

Sermo is the largest global healthcare research powerhouse and the most trusted physician social platform, engaging with more than 1.3 million HCPs across 150 countries. Sermo turns physician experience, expertise, and observations into actionable business insights that benefit pharmaceutical companies, healthcare partners, and the medical community at large. Sermo offers on-demand access to physicians via a proprietary health-tech ecosystem to gain targeted HCP insights that inform strategic decisioning in real-time. To learn more, visit

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