Sermo and FiercePharma Launch Content Partnership

FiercePharma readers to have access to exclusive content from Sermo’s online network

Sermo, the largest online physician community in the United States, and FiercePharma, the world’s most widely read daily pharmaceutical industry news publication, today announced a partnership to publish exclusive content from Sermo’s network through FiercePharma’s media channels.

“This partnership brings together insights from Sermo’s community of over 120,000 physicians with the far reaching audience of the FiercePharma network,” said Jon Michaeli, VP, Marketing of Sermo. “Working together, we will educate and inform a vast audience of physicians and pharmaceutical executives who stand to benefit from physician sentiment and insight.”

Through weekly surveys conducted on Sermo, the partnership will reveal physician opinions on top issues and developments in medicine. Results and responses will be published on the FiercePharma website and announced via its newsletter and social media channels. FiercePharma readers will also have access to the Sermo Knowledge Center, holding whitepapers, research reports, case studies, and other relevant industry content.

“We’re providing readers access to an influential, hard to reach group shaping the healthcare marketplace–physicians,” said Arsalan Arif, Publisher, FiercePharma. “Our readers turn to us every day for fresh insight, and Sermo’s research offers a unique perspective in that it is sourced directly from physicians whose patients and practices are affected by industry and regulatory changes.”

About Sermo

Sermo is the largest online physician community in the United States, with more than 120,000 physicians spanning 68 specialties. All Sermo members are verified and credentialed physicians who collaborate on cases and exchange observations to improve patient care, discuss drugs and devices and share information on new therapies and innovations. Sermo also provides a way to target and engage physicians by providing access to its community for clients that need fast, actionable insights into treatments, medications and devices.

AboutFiercePharma/ FierceMarkets

FiercePharma is the world’s most actively read pharmaceutical industry news publication with over 80,000 daily email readers and thousands more on the web and twitter. FiercePharma is published by FierceMarkets, a leader in digital B2B media with 39 publications spanning 7 vertical industries

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