Sermo supports The Economist’s “War on Cancer” forum

Sermo, the leading global social network exclusively for physicians, is a Supporting Association for The Economist’s “War on Cancer” forum on September 28 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Sermo, the leading global social network exclusively for physicians, is a Supporting Association for The Economist’s “War on Cancer” forum on September 28 in Boston, Massachusetts.

New York, NY — The “War on Cancer” forum will bring together healthcare leaders and Economist editors to address challenges the industry is facing and inspire change. Sessions will focus on the economics of cancer, drug pricing, early detection and empowerment through social media.

Sermo’s global network gives members – who represent oncology and over 90 other specialties and sub-specialties – the ability to share medical information rapidly and without cost to healthcare systems. Doctors are able to converse across languages and borders, accelerating and changing the way this information is globally distributed.

Through its Oncology Hub, Sermo gives members the opportunity to share their knowledge through medical crowdsourcing and learn from the experiences of others, encouraging the highest standard of cancer care. Sermo is encouraging physicians to take part and learn from these sessions and return to the social network with new information and perspectives on industry trends that are facing both doctors and their patients.

One Sermo attendee to the conference is Dr. Dennis Morgan – a member of Sermo’s Medical Advisory Board and practicing oncologist. Dr. Morgan remarked, “Sermo is an enthusiastic sponsor of The Economist’s War on Cancer Forum. As the largest physician social network, Sermo has an active group on oncologists who appreciate a venue that is physician-exclusive and (optionally) anonymous. This allows for lively and open discussion of cancer-related companies, products, agencies, policies and practices.”

By bringing together a global network of doctors, Sermo has become the home of ‘medical crowdsourcing’ – a practice wherein the network of 600,000 practicing physicians from 30 countries collaborate in real-time on diagnoses and treatments for patients.

“Sermo is, in itself, a virtual and international medical conference, giving members the ability to crowdsource medical information via the collective wisdom of the community,” said Sermo’s Chief Marketing Officer Osnat Benshoshan. “By merging this online community with elite forums such as The Economist’s ‘War on Cancer’ event, our members can expand their own knowledge, and bring it back to the Sermo network to share with others. I am looking forward to seeing what insights our attending oncologists share with the cancer community at the forum, and how they apply new findings to their patients.”

For more information about the event, please go to: Register with code Sermo15 for a special 15 percent discount.

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Sermo is the leading social network for physicians – the world’s largest virtual doctors’ lounge where doctors talk real world medicine. Sermo’s mission is to revolutionize real world medicine by providing physicians a safe, private and trusted platform for free and open dialogue on an unprecedented global scale. Sermo has close to 600,000 fully verified and licensed members and is now available for doctors in 30 countries: the U.S., the U.K., Australia, Canada, Ireland, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, Italy, Argentina, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, New Zealand, France, Finland, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru, Israel, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Hungary, Poland and Germany. Sermo is also the world’s largest health care professional polling company with 1.8 million HCPs in both the social network and a digital research network, spanning 80 countries. Sermo conducts 700,000 surveys a year.

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