Sermo Healthcare Community Expands Payer & Oncologist Reach To Support Evolving Industry Needs

Two key acquisitions answer growing call for trusted insights and engagements among these critical healthcare decision-maker groups

New York – Feb. 8, 2023 – Sermo, a physician-first online community and leader in global healthcare professional (HCP) insights, has expanded its platform to offer industry customers on-demand access to critical payer insights and the opportunity to build stronger connections with oncologists at a time when cancer treatment innovations are on the rise globally.

The recent acquisitions of Payer Access, a leading insights provider in the U.S. payer and hospital decision-maker market followed by Charter Oak, a premier healthcare research company, support and amplify payers and oncologists on Sermo. Now, Sermo provides comprehensive reach across HCPs, payers and expert healthcare decision-makers within a single platform.  

Sermo’s reach into the U.S. payer market exceeds 230 million commercial lives covered. With the inclusion of Pharmacy Benefit Management companies, their reach covers virtually every commercial life in the United States. Pharmaceutical and medical device companies can leverage this highly coveted group to inform successful go-to-market strategies ranging from new product receptivity to defining win-win contracting terms.

In addition to the payers expansion, Sermo is dedicated to building the Sermo Oncology Community further through its multi-channel recruitment and engagement strategy. Given the highly competitive oncology market and an ASCO-projected shortage of more than 2,200 oncologists by 2025, trusted oncologists’ insights and engagements are in high demand by the entire healthcare ecosystem. Since 2018, Sermo’s global Oncology community has grown by 28% and is projected to reach 42,000+ by the end of 2023. The growth enables Sermo to connect with more oncologists, make their voices heard on the platform and share vital insights to inform healthcare decisions around the world.

“This strategic expansion is a testament to Sermo’s ongoing growth trajectory and directly fills gaps in the healthcare industry’s needs,” said Sermo CEO, Peter Kirk. “With Sermo’s global reach of 1.3 million HCPs, acquisitions such as Charter Oak and Payer Access give us increased 360-degree market visibility, added connections to the oncology community and unique access to essential audiences that directly impact outcomes for millions.”

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve and tackle important trends like an increase in cancer rates among patients globally, Sermo is committed to providing a trusted platform for real-time insights and engagements among crucial stakeholder groups. These acquisitions are important milestones in Sermo’s continued M&A and growth strategy.

About Sermo:

Sermo turns physician experience, expertise and observations into actionable insights for the global healthcare community. Engaging with more than 1.3 million HCPs across 150 countries as well as the U.S. payer community, Sermo provides a unique community that fosters impactful peer-to-peer collaboration and discussions about issues that are important to healthcare constituents and their patients. Sermo offers on-demand access to physicians via a suite of proprietary technology to provide business intelligence that benefits pharmaceutical, healthcare partners and the medical community at large. To learn more, visit

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