Sermo launches Real Time Medicine™ mobile app for physicians

App allows MDs to consult with colleagues without leaving a patient’s bedside

Sermo, the largest online network in the United States exclusive to physicians, today introduced Sermo Mobile, an application that allows physicians to access the country’s greatest concentration of medical knowledge in real-time. Sermo Mobile builds on Sermo’s current web platform, an online resource where physicians from across 68 specialties and all 50 states collaborate, discuss and consult with each other to provide the highest quality care to their patients.

“Sermo Mobile allows members quick and easy access to the knowledge and expertise of leading PCPs and specialists throughout the country, anytime, anywhere,” said Daniel Palestrant, MD, founder and CEO of Sermo. “Turning the concept of real-time medicine into reality has been our vision for some time, and this technology allows physicians to immediately impact patient care.”

A key feature of Sermo Mobile is iConsult. With three touches of the screen, physicians can take or add a photograph of a physical finding, x-ray or laboratory result, choose a suitable question from the list available and then immediately send it to relevant specialists in the Sermo network. Members can view and respond in real time, offering unparalleled access to shared medical expertise.

Additional features of Sermo Mobile include:

  • Fast, easy access to Sermo discussions about clinical cases, practice management, healthcare reform and more
  • Anytime, anywhere access to the Sermo community to ask questions or share opinions
  • Ability to author and track posts directly from a mobile phone
  • Notifications that keep members informed of the latest developments in medicine

“The ability to consult with my colleagues in real-time, from the patient’s bedside or my exam room, addresses an unmet need and will be of tremendous benefit, particularly for urgent clinical cases when I need an immediate response,” said Christopher Y. Chang, MD, Fauquier ENT Consultants. “Similarly, the capacity to instantly post images and explanations about a patient case and share this information with colleagues through Sermo Mobile helps me provide the best care possible to my patients.”

Working in close collaboration with physicians across the country, Sermo identified an increase in mobile use in clinical settings, and the need for a mobile app to complement its online service. Sermo Mobile is currently available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. A partner of Janssen Global Services, LLC, Sermo will continue to develop and deliver additional real-time services that will help physicians provide more efficient and enhanced care to their patients.

Physicians can download Sermo Mobile for free at

About Sermo

Sermo is the largest online physician community in the United States, with more than 125,000 physicians spanning 68 specialties. All Sermo members are verified and credentialed physicians who collaborate on cases and exchange observations to improve patient care, discuss drugs and devices and share information on new therapies and innovations. Sermo also provides a way to target and engage physicians by providing access to its community for clients that need fast, actionable insights into treatments, medications and devices.

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