Sermo’s 2023 and Beyond Healthcare Trends Report – An Interactive Guide for Doctors 

Insights from 1,220 Doctors – Are You Prepared?

July 10, 2023 – Sermo, the leading global community of doctors, has unveiled its inaugural Healthcare Tech Trends Report. This comprehensive survey, featured in Business Reporter, presents the collective insights and sentiments of 1,200+ physician members from Sermo’s triple-verified community of over 1 million doctors. For the first time, insights are distilled from such a large and global group of physicians, revealing their perspectives on the latest advancements in healthcare. 

Facing a myriad of advancements, doctors voiced concerns about patient safety and healthcare efficacy. However, the majority of respondents expressed optimism and enthusiasm for the integration of emerging technologies in everyday healthcare practices. Among the notable findings, biomarker testing took center stage as a critical component in designing targeted treatment plans and advancing personalised medicine, with over 45% of surveyed Sermo members already recommending biomarker testing to their patients daily, weekly, or monthly. Physicians almost universally hailed personalised medicine as the top treatment innovation, significantly improving patient outcomes. 34% of surveyed doctors reported this trend as the treatment innovation they most look forward to in 2023. 

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and Chat GPT garnered widespread approval from the survey participants. Recognising their potential as essential tools, doctors highlighted their versatility and the valuable contributions they can make across various aspects of medical practice. 

Another area of great promise identified by doctors was wearables. 19% of Sermo’s polled doctors reported digital tools & wearables for monitoring patients remotely as their most anticipated innovation of 2023. These innovative devices hold tremendous potential in remote and continuous patient monitoring, as well as data collection, providing valuable health insights. Telemedicine, which has played a pivotal role in delivering remote clinical services during the pandemic, continues to serve as an invaluable resource in healthcare. However, doctors cautioned against the potential risks of patients lacking sufficient in-person interaction with their healthcare providers when necessary. 

Furthermore, the report identified mRNA as a rapidly growing field of research, with 76% of Sermo’s polled willing to prescribe mRNA treatments to their patients. Doctors anticipate increased investments to expand access to and applications of mRNA technology, contributing to advancements in healthcare.  

The interactive guide includes key stats, clear examples of how each of these trends is taking shape in healthcare and opportunities to join the conversation with physician peers to further develop your knowledge. 

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