Tasigna front line data strong; but won’t displace gleevec

Oncologists on Sermo Positive About New Findings in CML but Looking for More Data points

Sermo, the world’s largest online community for physicians, today announced a Sermo Event™ Report titled “Evolving Trends in CML.” The new report measures the impact of ENESTnd trial data on Oncologists’ use of Tasigna (Novartis), Sprycel (Bristol Myers-Squibb) and Gleevec (Novartis) in newly diagnosed CML patients and assesses overall trends in CML monitoring and management. While Gleevec will likely remain the #1 treatment, there will be a close race for the runner-up spot amongst second-generation tyrosine kinase inhibitors in the front line setting.

According to the report, Oncologists find Tasigna front line data convincing and plan to increase its use in this setting post-FDA approval. However, many are still looking for additional endpoints before making a final judgment. Interestingly, there is not much familiarity of Tasigna front line data in the physician community, even among those who attended ASH 2009, where the data were presented.

“New patients continue to drive growth in CML, and Gleevec will remain the top choice among the Oncologists surveyed,” said Dr. Adam Sharp, Chief Medical Officer for Sermo. “However, Oncologists also indicated modest off-label use of both Tasigna and Sprycel for front line treatment with surprising trends for preference of one drug over the other.”

Highlights of the report include:

  • Insight into changing landscape of treatments for newly diagnosed CML patients
  • Physicians’ perception of cytogenetic and molecular measures in predicting long-term outcomes and their impact on choice of CML therapy
  • Off-label use of Sprycel and Tasigna
  • Physicians’ impression of Tasigna’s front line data versus Gleevec in newly diagnosed Ph+ CML patients
  • Impact of ENESTnd data in evolving treatment choices for front line patients

About Sermo Event Reports and Physician Respondents

Sermo Event Reports rapidly assess physician reaction to major events impacting the US pharmaceutical market. This report targeted 141 hematologists/oncologists in various practice settings who treat at least 3 CML patients per year. Reports are available for purchase at https://www.sermo.com/tasigna or by calling 877-778-3963.

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