How scientific are Sermo studies?

Scientific Standard RealTime Surveys Custom Surveys 
Source of respondents As close to a complete universe list as practical and without any source of known bias Respondents come from the Sermo membership. The size of the Sermo membership relative to the universe of physicians provides considerably higher coverage than typical online consumer research panels. In addition, and unlike consumer panels where demographic biases are common, the profile of Sermo US physician members closely mirrors that of the all US physicians. Sermo membership is validated, free, and voluntary. 
Selection of respondents Random sample Random Sample
Invitation process Designed to maximize participation and minimize non-response bias Single email invitation sufficient to deliver high participation rates Multiple email invitations over several days leading to high participation rates 
Respondent Incentives Transparency Modest cash incentive in line with industry practice and commensurate with survey length 
Poll process Prevent multiple responses from single person and other sources of potential bias/fraud Members click unique link in email and can take survey only once. No survey results shared with participants after the survey 
Survey Design No questions or surveys designed to elicit a predetermined response Surveys designed to gauge the honest views of Sermo members and the wider universe of healthcare professionals. Full survey questions are always available upon request 
Transparency Required We publish sample size and process with every poll published 
Respondent anonymity Required Always guaranteed by Sermo 
Surveys used for lead generation Not permitted Never allowed on Sermo 
Push Polls Not permitted Never allowed on Sermo 

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