The Unofficial Guide to ASCO 2023 and beyond

The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) annual meeting is one of the leading events of the year for oncologists. Every year, thousands of oncologists and other healthcare professionals converge at the annual ASCO meeting to learn about cancer research and advancements in oncology. The truth is ASCO is always packed with lots of programs and sessions to learn from. If you plan to attend, we have tips on how to make the most of the ASCO conference. Keep reading to learn how you can get more out of the conference with Sermo.

ASCO: The oncologist event of the year 

Oncologists around the globe look forward to the ASCO conference every year and many plan to attend. With different delivery sessions such as education sessions, poster presentations, symposiums and discussions, ASCO pools and communicates the latest advancements in oncology practice and treatments in an effective manner. 

Attendees of the annual conference have access to education sessions on cutting-edge research on cancer therapies and technologies, insightful conversations on cancer care with various experts and connections with other oncologists and researchers that can lead to future research collaborations and career opportunities. Without a doubt, it is a must for every oncologist.

Making the most of ASCO 2023

We have compiled some tips to help you make the most of the upcoming ASCO 2023 conference. Not only that, Sermo has its own tools that recapture the event and serve as a refresher anytime you need it. 

Tips for conference attendees

Here are some tips to help you enjoy your time at the upcoming ASCO 2023 conference.

  1. Go through the online program guide before the conference to see all the sessions and take note of those of interest to you. By planning to attend your most preferred sessions, you can make best use of your time at the ASCO meeting. 
  2. Plan to attend as many sessions as possible
  3. If you can, do not skip the Plenary sessions
  4. If you are attending physically, go to the meeting venue early to get a good seat. 
  5. If you are attending virtually, rid yourself of distractions during the virtual sessions. 
  6. Be deliberate about learning something new
  7. Download the app for easy access to the conference guide
  8. Take advantage of the archived post-session on-demand videos
  9.  Make sure to engage and network with others at the conference.

What physicians are saying: polls and online discussions

After the meeting, Sermo sends out a post-ASCO follow up survey to members who attend the ASCO conference. The survey helps us get real-life insights on what physicians who attended thought of the conference and what they enjoyed the most so we can share more valuable content with Sermo members. 

Last year, we sent out this survey after the conference and here are some of the things we learnt about the ASCO 2022 conference. 

  • 98% of Sermo physicians enjoyed the ASCO 2022 conference. The most enjoyed activities were attending the sessions (98%),  meeting up and connecting with colleagues (40%) and visiting the posters (39%). 
  • 74% of Sermo physicians reported they were able to attend all the sessions they wanted to. 
  • 97% of Sermo physicians felt they left the conference with new learnings and information. 
  • 36% of Sermo physicians had implemented learnings from the ASCO 2022 conference into their practice at the time of the survey.
visualization of 97% of Sermo physicians felt they left the ASCO conference with new learnings and information

Live updates from real Sermo physician members

Get live updates from Sermo members who will be attending the conference this year. Some Sermo members who will be attending the ASCO meeting will be sharing photos and videos as the conference is going on and this will be accessible to all Sermo members. The live updates are a great way to be part of the conversations emerging from the conference even if you are not attending.

Some of last year’s live updates included:

  • A slim survival benefit puts Gilead’s hopes of label expansion for Trodelvy on hold.
  • Amivantamab and Non small cell lung cancer
  • Rucaparib and Ovarian cancer
  • Patients Most Likely to Discontinue Adjuvant Treatment
  • Clinical Trials Need Better Representation Among Black Patients
  • GI Toxicity, Non-Adherence to Endocrine Therapy Tied to Non-Compliance with Metformin in Breast Cancer Trial
  • Neratinib-Fulvestrant-Trastuzumab Combination Shows Promise in HR+, HER2-Negative, HER2-mutant Metastatic Breast Cancer
  • Breast cancer after conservative surgery: when radiotherapy is too much
  • Unexpected data on a cohort of patients with locally advanced mismatch repair deficiency(dMMR) rectal cancer
  • New standard of care for BRAF + pediatric low-grade gliomas?
  • DESTINY-Breast04 revolutionizes the treatment of advanced breast cancer.
  • mCRPC and Lu177 PMSA treatment, data on responses and mean SUV
  • Adjuvant RCC treatment
  • Education-Adjuvant Bladder Cancer treatment
  • Education-poster session-real life data
ASCO recap post from 2022 from Sermo doctor about breast cancer after conservative surgery and when radiotherapy is too much

Sermo Rounds: ASCO recap

The ASCO recap event is another unique Sermo offering that comes up after the ASCO conference. Called Oncologists Present: ASCO22 in 30 Minutes, the major objectives are to provide a quick recap on the main takeaways and continue the conversation on some of the lessons learnt at the conference.

The webinar is a panel-style event and is open to all Sermo members. The speakers are oncologists across sub specialties to provide a variety of perspectives. The panelists discuss topics like key insights from the conference, the most impactful research abstracts and implementation of learnings in their clinical practices. 

This is an excellent opportunity to learn from similar-minded oncologists, catch up with anything you may have missed and discuss how best to implement the new learnings from the ASCO conference in your patient care. 

The Unofficial Guide to ASCO 2023

Our published Unofficial Guide to ASCO 2023 shares some nuggets and tips to help you get as much as possible out of attending this year’s meeting. In it you will find top-voted must-attend sessions, tips for attending ASCO 2023 and some fun activities you can engage in while in Chicago! We recommend reading through this guide before attending and bringing it with you, especially if it’s your first-time attending. Click here to get this year’s full guide.

The 2023 ASCO Annual Meeting will be held from June 2 to June 6, 2023 in Chicago. If you plan to attend we hope you make use of the tips we shared to get the best out of the conference. Also, sign up to Sermo today to take advantage of our value-adding tools that will help you get even more out of the conference. Sermo members can view Sermo’s Unofficial Guide to ASCO 2022 here.