Jordan Grafman

Jordan Grafman is the Executive Vice President of Commercial Development at Sermo. As a seasoned sales leadership executive, he has nearly twenty years of experience fueling growth across a diverse portfolio of publishers and technology platforms within the healthcare landscape. Jordan joined Sermo in 2022 to lead commercial development, providing innovative physician insights and engagement solutions to pharmaceutical manufacturers and healthcare agencies.

Before joining Sermo, Jordan spent five years working in the point-of-care space where he continuously earned recognition along the way as a top performer and client partner. Prior to that, Jordan was owner and founder of the independent Gotham Media Group where he built a media sales rep firm from the ground up, managing all sales for a diverse portfolio of publishers across the DTC, OTC, and CPG spaces.

Jordan’s journey from entrepreneurship to individual contribution to c-suite leader has fueled his success in leveraging client, manufacturer, and agency relationships to champion year-over-year growth.