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What is SERMO?

SERMO is the place to talk about real-world medicine.

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SERMO is the most trusted and preferred social network for doctors. It’s private and exclusively for doctors.

SERMO is the meeting of medical minds and hearts. It’s a virtual doctors' lounge.

All of SERMO's over 800,000 members are verified and credentialized physicians. SERMO has also opened its doors to the global community, including physicians from 150 countries with plans for a continued global expansion.

The enormous recent turmoil in healthcare and the changing role of physicians have fueled SERMO’s popularity. Now is when doctors need a safe haven -- a place to unite, to share, and be heard.

Anonymity is important in medicine. Rest assured your conversations on SERMO are confidential.

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Within SERMO, doctors are free to talk openly with other doctors about everything that’s important to them, from the business to the practice of medicine. It’s a fun, safe, and relaxing place where doctors can be anonymous and speak without fear of repercussions. No other physician community provides anonymity, making us a unique social community for honest and frank conversations.

SERMO is also the leading site for medical crowdsourcing. Doctors ask real-life medical questions and get real-life answers from hundreds of their peers. SERMO is a living, breathing, evolving medical knowledge bank.

Doctors use SERMO to collectively solve tough cases and get help with diagnoses, often direct from the exam room in real-time via their mobile. They do this simply for the fun and passion of practicing medicine, and to help and support their peers.

When physicians feel comfortable dialoguing without repercussions, they ask for help, they share knowledge, they admit mistakes -- and together advance the universe of medical knowledge.
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How we keep SERMO free

Organizations seeking physician expertise, such as pharmaceutical companies, medical device firms, and biotechs, underwrite the market research and sponsorship opportunities within our site.