Sermo hits 1 MILLION physician Drug Ratings

In today’s world of digital information overload, it can feel virtually impossible to narrow down the overwhelming options and make the right choices—whether buying a new pillow for neck pain or choosing a vacation spot. Many consumers turn to platforms such as yelp, Amazon, and Trip Adviser to browse reviews and make informed decisions. But where do doctors turn when trying to choose the right medications and treatments for their patients? This is how Sermo Drug Ratings was born.

Sermo launched Drug Ratings in 2017 to revolutionize peer-to-peer drug information sharing. The platform provides physicians with a dedicated place to share their experiences and opinions on drugs. Drugs are rated and scored on preference, efficacy, safety, tolerability, accessibility, and adherence. The platform also gives physicians 24/7 access to honest peer drug reviews to help better inform them on the best treatments for their patients. 

In just four years, Sermo Drug Ratings has become the largest global dataset of physician perceptions on drugs with 1 MILLION Drug Ratings – and counting! That’s 5,356,243 unique data points about specific treatments and drug observations made by physicians. In the world of endless medication options and new drugs being released daily, this is a tremendous boon for doctors. 

What are physicians saying about Drug Rating?

In a recent poll of our global physicians, we found:

  • 93% believe drug ratings can lead to better health outcomes by enhancing physicians’ understanding of how a drug works in the real world (n=110)
  • 84% say that reading a peer’s review of a drug would influence their perception of a drug (n=109)
  • 77% believe their peers’ opinions of drugs are more credible than the information they receive from the pharma industry (n=108)
  • 65% say that they have used Drug Ratings to help inform which treatment to select for a patient (n=110)

Drug Ratings is the first and only global peer-to-peer drug review system provided exclusively from verified licensed physicians

Drugs are rated by doctors according to these criteria:

  • Safety
  • Efficacy
  • Tolerability
  • Accessibility
  • Adherence

Reviews often contain doctors’ comments based on their real-world experiences with prescribing the drug.

When would a Physicians access Drug Ratings? 

  • When faced with less common indications: There are 13,000 known medical conditions – if a patient presents with a condition that is new to a physician, it can be helpful to quickly consult with many peers who have treated the condition using a specific drug before. 
  • When faced with a broad assortment of indications: Some specialties, like Emergency Medicine, encounter a wide variety of conditions, which multiplies the work of keeping up to date with the newest treatments. 
  • When faced with a patient who has a harder time adhering to treatments, or getting them in the first place: Doctors can compare treatments not only on their overall score but rank them against each other on specific features like their accessibility, to help address the needs of individual patients. 
  • When faced with a new drug or a newly approved indication for an old drug: Doctors may hesitate to be the first to try a new treatment, so many wait to hear how new treatments work for peers. Sermo Drug Rating speeds this process up.

Below, Sermo physicians from around the world share how they use and value Drug Ratings:

Undoubtedly one of the best options when it comes to knowing about a drug, yes, I have used it many times it is so good and effective.

General Practice (GP)

Very helpful, easy-to-use, unbiased, peer-to-peer, clinical information.

Addiction Medicine

Sermo’s Drug Ratings help to assess the benefits and risks of prescribed drugs and reduce unnecessary medications.

General Practice (GP)

I found it very useful to participate in the Sermo Drugs Rating program both to share my experience with colleagues and to get information on the efficacy and safety of drugs that I only rarely use.


Sermo has definitely given me new perspectives and alternative regimens for treatment of gout and pseudo gout … to the benefit of my patients! Thank you!

Orthopedic Surgery

Very helpful to me at times when I need a quick reference on meds. Appreciate having te opinion of my peers.


Feedback from others is invaluable when I am trying a new drug. The drug rep can only tell me what he/she has been told to tell me. It is so helpful to get info that comes with experience.

Pediatrics (excluding surgery)

Leverage Sermo Drug Ratings to Inform Your Strategy

With Drug Ratings, you can:

  • Understand what physicians really think about your brand/s ​
  • Determine your strengths and weaknesses​
  • See how you stack up to the competition​
  • Inform your marketing strategy​

Drug Ratings is also exclusively available through Bloomberg’s Enterprise Access Point. To learn how you can take advantage of this wealth of organic, peer-to-peer drug ratings, email us at

​Hello, we’re Sermo! We appreciate you checking out our blog post where we announce we’ve hit 1 MILLION physician Drug Ratings (and counting!). This is a huge milestone in creating an organic, unbiased database of peer to peer physician insights on treatments that will help improve patient outcomes.

We turn physician experience, expertise, and observations into actionable insights for the global healthcare community. Engaging with more than 1 million HCPs across 150 countries, we provide physicians with a social platform that fosters impactful peer-to-peer collaboration & discussions about issues that are important to them and their patients. Sermo offers on demand access to physicians via a suite of propietary technology to provide business intelligence that benefits pharmaceutical, healthcare partners and the medical community at large.

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