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SERMO started from a doctor's creative burst of frustration. Perplexed about a patient case, he needed to talk to his peers and get a "curbside." But no other physician with the expertise he needed was readily at hand. "Wouldn't it be great if we could just post it online and collaborate that way?" he wondered.

His question turned into an obsession for creating a collaborative physician environment. The doctors' lounge of old is gone; hallway conversations are rare as doctors juggle 13-hour days with nonstop patient visits. How about a private community just for us? Within 12 months was born. SERMO is Latin for "conversation" and we can't imagine a more appropriate name.

Founded in 2005, SERMO has grown from a few dozen physicians to close to 800,000 members, a robust community of physicians representing over 90 specialties and subspecialties. In 2012, SERMO merged with WorldOne, a global leader in healthcare primary market research data collection. The team at WorldOne recognized SERMO's value to physicians and wanted to expand the mission globally. WorldOne's global panel is merging with SERMO's US community to create the world's first global medical social network.

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Market research ultimately benefits the healthcare industry, as physicians get the opportunity to weigh in on new and current drugs, techniques, and devices entering the medical arena. They earn over $16 million every year in honoraria in 600,000+ annual unique research interactions in over 80 countries.

This is a true partnership where all corners of medicine can collaborate to accelerate medicine. Since the merger, the community size has doubled, the community engagement has tripled and SERMO is now a voice speaking for many physicians' points of view.

Do you find it as inspiring as we do? At SERMO our passionate talent believes strongly in our Mission, because what we do has purpose: to improve real world medicine.

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