Pic of Peter Kirk and mission

Thoughts from the CEO

Dear Colleagues,

When I consider where SERMO began, I am humbled by how far we have come.

Over a decade ago two separate teams began working, in their own ways, to bring forth meaningful changes to healthcare. When SERMO and WORLDONE united, we jointly committed ourselves to revolutionizing real-world medicine; we knew we were setting ourselves a high bar, but we also saw how powerful the marriage of our social network and market research could become. In the years since, we are proud to have delivered on our mission in many important ways.

Doctors no longer have to work alone in the face of complex, unclear, or rare patient cases. We are propelling the medical crowdsourcing movement forward with a platform for 800,000 doctors from 150 countries to harness the collective wisdom, insights, and experiences of their peers. Medical crowdsourcing is saving lives and improving patient outcomes daily, and the number of cases shared is increasing fast: over 3000% since 2012. As we continue to expand our social network into new countries, we are eager to enable doctors from every part of the globe to help their colleagues and make a real difference to tens of thousands of patients.

Recently, we released SERMO Drug Ratings to the world. It was the proudest moment in my professional career and the most important part of our journey to date. Two years ago the vision of a global Drug Rating service like Yelp for prescription drugs started taking form, and a year later we set out to create this new dimension of healthcare. It’s a new dimension of medicine because it’s information about drugs that originates directly from physicians themselves as opposed to sanitized clinical trials. Wrapped inside of our doctor-only social network, it is the first global drug review resource that was developed for real-world doctors, by real-world doctors. Ratings is a new frontier of real-world medicine and a new era of democratized data. Introducing such a ‘first' is truly exciting for all of us, especially because Ratings is becoming a clinical decision support tool that doctors use in real time to make more informed treatment decisions for patients.

SERMO has launched a few firsts already in its history. Understanding globalization trends, we were the first healthcare data collection company to be truly global. Appreciating the increasing urgency our clients face, we were the first to launch Real-Time global micro-surveys.

Our ability to deliver on our mission is tied to our culture of collaboration. I am honored and grateful to have partnered with everyone who has contributed to all of these immense milestones: our dedicated and innovative employees, our clients who have grown with us and helped us evolve, and the SERMO physicians who have created a truly dynamic, game-changing social network.

I am deeply proud of our accomplishments so far, and I still wake up every day dedicated to our mission of bettering patient outcomes around the globe by democratizing medical knowledge. And we are just getting started so I look forward to bringing more innovation, more useful tools, and more new thinking to our space. I invite you to share in our vision, tour our site, check out our blog, and if you’re a physician — join the SERMO community.

All my best,
Peter Kirk