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81% of physicians think COVID came from lab leak

After 3 million people around the world have died from the coronavirus (and continue to do so every day), scientists are still trying to determine its origin. According to the Washington Post, “In recent months the idea that it emerged from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) — once dismissed as a ridiculous conspiracy theory — has gained new credence. 

How and why did this happen? For one, efforts to discover a natural source of the virus have failed. Second, early efforts to spotlight a lab leak often got mixed up with speculation that the virus was deliberately created as a bioweapon. That made it easier for many scientists to dismiss the lab scenario as tin-hat nonsense. But a lack of transparency by China and renewed attention to the activities of the Wuhan lab have led some scientists to say they were too quick to discount a possible link at first.” 

According to CNN, “Fauci, the top infectious disease expert in the US, also said this week he is not convinced the disease occurred naturally and pushed for more investigation…” 

In a recent poll of 500+ global Sermo physicians, 82% agreed, saying we need to know the origin of the virus to fully understand it, treat it, and overcome it. In fact, 81% said they believe the virus started by a viral leak at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. And 94% believe it is possible that the researchers at the Wuhan lab who were working on corona­viruses—and who were hospitalized with symptoms consistent with covid-19 in early November 2019—could have been the very first Covid-19 patients. 

Seventy-three percent of physicians are shocked that we still don’t know the origins of the deadly virus that triggered a global pandemic. And 96% are concerned that this could happen again. 

Here is more of what Sermo physicians have to say on this topic: 

It is too much coincidence that this virus that appeared in 2012 in said mine, contaminated researchers in 2019, from said Wuhan laboratory. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to propose its origin in that laboratory, and in turn to investigate it.

General Practice (GP)

International politics will never help in medical field, so we should go on with researchers to treat & cure patients no matter what was the origin !!!

General Practice (GP)

No one knows and we might never know its origin. A lot of time has elapsed since Dec 2019 and if it did start in Wuhan lab, all traces of it would have been wiped clean by now. The fact that the virus seems very comfortable in the human system (and mutates fast) shows it was not a jump from another animal. If there was an animal source, how come no one has found one?


The prevention of other pandemics should force us to investigate as closely as possible the origin of this current one and to demonstrate it objectively…

Obstetrics & Gynecology – Gynecology

From the article is it possible the Chinese lab was working on viruses to cure or prevent those who got it working in the mine in 2012?

Pediatrics (excluding surgery)