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5 breakthrough HCP insights to navigate the respiratory disease vaccine market

As flu, Covid-19 & RSV infections are on the rise, the latest CDC Vaccination Trends report that almost 40% of US adults will probably or definitely not get a vaccine, and an additional 30% report that they probably will or are unsure. 

To better understand the intricate landscape of respiratory disease vaccines, Sermo recently surveyed 198 HCPs in the US using our RealTime insights platform.

From the active role HCPs play in counseling patients to the nuanced prioritization of vaccines in older patients and the barriers faced in recommending specific vaccines, let’s explore five breakthrough insights and how vaccine marketers can strategically action these insights to improve patient outcomes.

Insight #1: HCPs take the lead in initiating discussions about mitigating the risk of respiratory diseases

When it comes to the discussion about mitigating the risk of respiratory diseases for older patients, 97% of HCPs are personally counseling their patients over the age of 60 years through these talks.  HCPs take a proactive approach to patient education about routine vaccinations for respiratory disease with 76% initiating the discussion and 23% sharing this initiative with their staff.  Only 1% of HCPs reported that the patient initiates this topic of discussion during the appointment.     

Strategic Actions for Vaccine Marketers: Given the proactive stance HCPs take to initiate the respiratory vaccine discussion with their patients, ensure a two-way dialogue with patient discussion guides. Educate HCPs on potential barriers their patients and their caregivers may have around vaccines and arm them with the right resources to have a productive conversation.

Insight #2: HCPs prioritize Flu and Covid-19 vaccines in older patients

When it comes to recommending or administering vaccinations for patients over 60, HCPs have a clear scoreboard.  Flu and Covid-19 vaccines take the lead, scoring 9.3 and 8.7 out of 10 respectively.  While new to the game, the RSV vaccine is on the team but not yet stealing the spotlight with a modest 6.6 out of 10. 

Strategic Actions for Vaccine Marketers: Increase physician awareness of new CDC guidelines for the RSV vaccine in patients over the age of 60 years old.         

Insight #3: Vaccine hesitancy and public awareness are top RSV vaccine barriers

Reported barriers on why HCPs might hesitate to recommend the RSV vaccine for adults over the age of 60 years reveal hurdles that could be faced by any new vaccine brand.  Vaccine hesitancy takes the lead at 67%, followed by lack of public awareness (52%), patient preferences (49%) and insurance coverage (45%). 

Strategic Actions for Vaccine Marketers: Educate HCPs on the importance of prioritizing the RSV vaccine in their older patient population and arm them with the right talking points to alleviate concerns.

Insight #4: Data is the most valuable for HCPs when learning about a new vaccine

When it comes to learning about a new vaccine, HCPs are all about the data.  Efficacy data takes the crown as most valuable at 68%, with side effect profile following at 17% and a proven MOA at 10%.  Brand legacy and trusting the manufacturer?  Not so much, with mere percentages at 5% and 2%, respectively. 

Strategic Actions for Vaccine Marketers: Highlight your efficacy data in a snackable format – if you can deliver in video format or via a KOL, even better!

As a wave of new respiratory vaccines enter the market, Sermo’s survey found there are some key differences between physicians and advanced practice providers (APP), including Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants, when they adopt new vaccines into their practice.  62% of physicians self-identified as innovators – early adopters, while 49% of APPs lean more towards the early-late majority when adopting a new vaccine brand into their practice. 

Strategic Actions for Vaccine Marketers: As APPs are increasingly triaging patient care, personalize education to build trust in recommending a new vaccine brand.

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