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88% of Sermo doctors are concerned about long covid 

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The symptoms of long covid include fatigue, breathlessness, brain fog, and depression, among others. Now, a new study published in the Nature journal reveals that 1 in 20 people had not recovered from covid and 42% had only partially recovered when tested between 6 and 18 months after they were infected with the virus. 

Sermo physicians reveal similar findings within their own practices—and with their own illnesses. In a recent poll of 400+ global doctors, 88% said they are extremely concerned about long covid; and 68% are more concerned about long covid than the original infection. And 42% have personally experienced long covid after being infected with the virus.  

When asked about which symptoms the doctors have seen with long covid, here’s what they said:

Brain Fog
Heart Palpitations
Hair Loss

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      The Washington Post reported on this new study: “A new long-covid study based on the experiences of nearly 100,000 participants provides powerful evidence that many people do not fully recover months after being infected with the coronavirus.  

      The Scottish study found that between six and 18 months after infection, 1 in 20 people had not recovered and 42 percent reported partial recovery. There were some reassuring aspects to the results: People with asymptomatic infections are unlikely to suffer long-term effects, and vaccination appears to offer some protection from long covid.  

      ‘It’s one more well-conducted, population-level study showing that we should be extremely concerned about the current numbers of acute infections,’ said David Putrino, director of rehabilitation innovation for the Mount Sinai Health System in New York. ‘We are in trouble.’  

      Jill Pell, a professor of public health at the University of Glasgow who led the research, emphasized that the study revealed the wide-ranging impact of long covid on people’s lives. ‘There are lots of different impacts going beyond health to quality of life, employment, schooling and the ability to look after yourself,’ she said.

      Below, Sermo physicians from around the world share more of their professional insights, perspectives, and opinions on this important topic—in their own words. Find more helpful data from doctors in Sermo’s Real Time Barometer Study.

      “Fatigue and extreme brain fog were my only symptoms when I was diagnosed last January. Loss of taste and smell came a few days later. I still have all the symptoms. I had to cut my schedule down. Headaches, palpitations and hair loss I already had prior.”

      Family Medicine, U.S.

      “I have had Covid 3 times in the last 2 years and experience brain fog, weight loss, loss of strength, and fatigue.”

      Internal Medicine, U.S.

      “I will tell you my personal experience, it has been more than 1 year since I had Covid and I still have fatigue, anxiety and depression, some shortness of breath and tiredness.”

      Stomatology, Cuba

      “Microclots from the spike protein must be treated with either aspirin and plavix and/or eliquis. Can use Trental if can’t tolerate the latter. In 7-14 days, you will see improvement in these patients. I know firsthand. Dr. Resia Pretorius has great research papers about this. Try it!! Brain fog is from lack of oxygen from the fibrin amyloid that is resistant to fibrinolysis. Also need mitochondria support supplements. I’ve had two patients respond with only using Trental (pentoxifylline)! In 1 week, they were jumping up and down about how their head fog was clearing and having more energy.”

      Dermatology, U.S.

      “I’m finding a sleep disturbance is reported in most of my long Covid patients. Treat the sleep disorder and a lot of the brain fog, fatigue, depression improves.”

      Anesthesiology, US

      “I still have mild dyspnea after a year of infection with covid-19.”

      General Practitioner, Venezuela

      “Even young healthy adults and teens are getting long covid.”

      Psychiatry, U.S.

      “I have dyspnea on great exertion and tachycardia and I have been ill since September 2020, but I am recovering little by little.”

      Traumatology, Mexico

      “Memory loss was my worst symptom. Fourteen months later I note continued improvement. Cyclic fatigue, also lasted over a year, and phantosmia initial 3-4 months was horrific. Overall hard to say 100% back to normal.”

      Internal Medicine, U.S.

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