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Sermo doctors say some patients distrust new COVID vaccines

The much-anticipated Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna coronavirus vaccines have been approved and are rolling out. However, as the New York Times reports “the road between delivering the first doses and widespread vaccination at rates that will arrest the spread of coronavirus is far from straightforward…

Besides the logistical challenges of distributing the vaccine, people must also be willing to take it. A new survey has found that more than a quarter of Americans are hesitant.“ And prominent economists and politicians have even proposed or supported the idea of paying Americans to receive the vaccine. 

In a poll of 860+ global Sermo physicians, 70% said they do not believe that paying people to get the vaccine would work. Sixty-eight percent of physicians said their patients are expressing distrust or reluctance regarding the Covid-19 vaccines, And 78% believe that hesitancy or fear of the vaccine could prevent widespread adoption.

They worry about adverse effects / allergic reactions
They feel it’s too soon to prove the vaccine’s effectiveness
Negative social media/media influence
They’re afraid of potential exposure to covid in healthcare facilities
They are immunocompromised

Here’s more of what Sermo physicians have to say on this alarming topic:

Giving good information and openly addressing what’s wrong with the antivaxxer posts making the rounds (alteration of DAN, fetal cells, toxins, etc.) helps – I have had patients ask me those things, or if I think the crisis is fake or it was deliberately manufactured in Chine. That free antibody testing, a Starbucks or Wal-Mart gift card, post-pandemic concert ticket, or a T-shirt would probably be great and boost the vaccination rate by 10-15% or so. The blood donation folks have this down pat already.

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (Physiatry)

I believe that a doctor who gets vaccinated is a good example for his patients and relatives, especially if he does not present any complications, a stimulus for others to get vaccinated. Paying someone to receive the vaccine does not seem right to me, anyone will charge and say that they were forced to be vaccinated, the option of “without a vaccine you cannot travel” or “you cannot enter a restaurant, movie theater, or “is preferable, etc. “or the insurance will not cover certain diseases if you are not vaccinated… I think there are good arguments to tell the population “Get vaccinated now”


When I get vaccinated I’m gonna wear a badge that says, “This doctor got vaccinated for COVID-19.” In my opinion it will be the best way to make people feel more motivated to get it.

Sleep Medicine

You can lead a horse to water………. but you can’t stop the anti-vaxxers from believing in conspiracies. You cannot assuage those with irrational fears with rational discourse. Don’t even try. The more absurd the premise, the harder they will cling to it.

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Just have it so if you’re vaccinated, you get a card certifying this and that leads to loosened quarantine restrictions with travel. Otherwise if unvaccinated, you remain subject to the full quarantine requirements.