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Doctors Have New Year’s Resolutions, Too!

The Sermo team wishes you all a happy and healthy New Year! ‘Tis the season for many to create a list of New Year’s Resolutions, and pinpoint personal goals to focus on in the New Year. Many of us resolve to eat better, work harder, or simply be more present everyday, and physicians are making their lists of desired accomplishments for the New Year, as well!

Doctors on Sermo shared some of their goals for 2018, both personal and professional:

“I resolve to give up nighttime, rogue laser-tag skirmishes in my kids’ back yards!” – General Practice

“The first is trying to keep me healthy. The second to continue with the capacity of work that I have. The third try to take advantage of the good moments that are presented to me to have life beyond the work.” – Family Medicine

 “Eat more, exercise less.” – Neurology

“As always, lose weight, though this time I really mean it, I promise! Also to take an hour a day to do something creative. Procrastinate less.” – Neurology

“Resolved to listen better as a clinician and think the best of people.”  – Pediatrics

“My New Year’s Resolution each year is to make new mistakes. It’s inevitable that I will make mistakes. Fresh mistakes provide new opportunities to learn. Repeating old mistakes just shows that I failed to learn the appropriate lessons last time round.”  – Psychiatry

“My priority will be to always think that I am wrong and where I can improve myself.”  – Gastroenterology

“To continue making small, incremental improvements. I am really learning that most success does not come from sudden huge advances, such as winning the lottery – it comes from consistently doing the small things better.”  – Emergency Medicine

“Start a foundation to develop a non-invasive, permanent cure for ED.”  – Dermatology

“Fit into my jeans again (comfortably that is). Actually going to a new yoga class this morning, maybe that will continue…” – Pediatrics

“Promise to do something positive in my life daily or for those around me.” – General Surgery

“Cherish what I have, be… physically active (via sports), eat healthier and enjoy or accept whatever the changes to come.” – Internal Medicine

“I strive to be a better person each and every day. I try to learn something new, try something new, work a bit, play a bit, relax a bit every day whenever possible. It should be a constant endeavor to improve oneself and not just a yearly broken promise.”  – Gastroenterology

“To care less about what admins in the hospital think of me.”  – Pathology

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