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Half of Sermo doctors would accept mental health support

In response to dire predictions for a deadly winter—with a significant rise in Coronavirus deaths expected—Sermo physicians discuss physician burnout and the support they would like to see. 

In a poll of 180 global Sermo physicians, 79% said it should be a high priority for the healthcare industry to address HCP burnout. And 48% acknowledged that they would take advantage of mental health support offered by their employer or an organization they’re members of (ie, a society or HCP community). 

When asked which resources they would like to see available for HCPs who suffer from burnout, here is how they answered:

Dedicated hotline
Online community
Advocacy group
Online collection of resources to help better understand and manage burnout

This is how Sermo physicians responded to what was most important to them:

Assurance that there will be no professional repercussions for receiving mental health services
Commitment from hospitals/admin to combat burnout from a policy perspective
Increasing time off/vacation days per year
Access to peer support group

Here’s more of what Sermo physicians have to say on this topic—in their own words…