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Physicians share their favorite holiday season traditions

With the holiday season in full swing, the entire team at Sermo is wishing you a festive and jolly time with your friends and family! In preparation for the holidays, we asked doctors: What’s your favorite part about this time of year?

“My favorite is getting gifts from patients, which demonstrates their appreciation of my efforts, and is a classy act of kindness.” – Rheumatology

 “Most favorite is a generally better mood of patients and some of the heartfelt gifts that they bring in for me and the staff during the Holiday Season.” – Rheumatology

 “Favorite thing is the festive mood of most patients especially children.” – Family Medicine

 “Favorite thing: Feel a sense of hard work and sacrifice.”  – Psychiatry

 “My fave: on Christmas (24-26th December), because I usually get good behaviour patients and the festive situation makes me happy. I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I love it.”  – Dermatology

 “The best thing to work those days is share some time with people who feel unwell but give us a smile when you go to see how they are.” – Family Medicine

 “The gifts are nice—all thoughtful, many delicious, some unexpected (like from the perpetual grump you were certain hated you) but the most touching? The quiet, heartfelt and sincere ‘Thank you for being here today’ as the patient gently grasps your hand.” – Internal Medicine

 “My favorite thing is giving chemotherapy holidays for my patients. Letting them rest and spend some time with their dear ones and skipping the toxic effects, and watching them sigh in relief when they hear me say they`re not getting chemo so they can enjoy every meal and moment.” – Oncology

 “My most favorite part is delivering holiday babies.” – Obstetrics & Gynecology

 “Best part about the Holidays is a slightly slower pace of work allowing more time with patients.”  – Internal Medicine

 “Most favorite is that they tend to be happier & more pleasant during the holidays.”  – Allergy & Immunology

 “Favorite thing is getting people well enough to get home for the holidays.” – Cardiology

 “My favorite thing about being a doctor during the holiday season is being able to attend more peculiar cases and solve it, apart from all the human values involved to being a doctor.” – General Practice

 “The best is the decorations and the staff having holiday celebrations.” – Internal Medicine

Remember to thank your doctor this holiday season to make their day a little brighter!

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