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Organ Shortage Crisis Affects Many Sermo Physicians


On Father’s Day, Bill Conner embarked on a bike ride across the country to honor his daughter Abbey, who had passed away in January at age 20. One of the stops on his journey was to meet 21-year-old Loumonth Jack, Jr.—who would have died after a heart attack, had he not received Abbey’s donated heart just in time. The two men had an instant, palpable connection and embraced. After sharing a minute-long hug, Jack pulled out a stethoscope so Conner could hear his daughter’s heartbeat. 

This moving story sheds light on the power and importance of organ donation—and the global crisis of organ shortages. In the U.S. alone, 20 people die each day awaiting an organ. In a poll of 170+ Sermo physicians, 65% said their patients have been affected by the shortage, and 47% have witnessed a patient dying while awaiting a transplant. 

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the treatment and progress of other health conditions across the board, and 76% of Sermo physicians believe it has exacerbated the organ urgency and shortage crisis; while 95% believe there should be more awareness around this crisis. 

The Sermo community was touched by this story, and shared their own experiences and insights. Here’s what some had to say…