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Sermo doctors agree with CDC’s strategy to push flu vaccine


The CDC ordered 9.3 million doses of the flu vaccine in an effort to raise the immunization rate in American adults to 65%. The goal of public officials this year is to reduce an onslaught of flu patients from descending on the health care system at the same time as COVID-19 patients.

“This fall nothing can be more important than to try to increase the American public’s decision to embrace the flu vaccine with confidence” said Robert R. Redfield, MD, the CDC Director, in an interview with the JAMA Network, according to the AMA.

In a poll of 230+ global Sermo physicians, 89% said they agree with this strategy put forth by the CDC, and 87% said they believe their patients will be more open to the flu vaccine this year. Already this season, 47% of Sermo physicians have started vaccinating against the flu. When asked about the efficacy of this year’s flu vaccine, 85% said they believe it will be effective, and 87% said they will get it themselves. 

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