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Doctors say racial disparities in health must be addressed

On August 28, Black Panther movie star Chadwick Boseman died after a four-year battle with colon cancer. He was only 43-years-old. According to a recent report by the American Cancer Society (ACS), colon and rectal (colorectal) cancer rates are rising among younger groups of people. The report also finds racial disparities—with African Americans most affected. Findings suggest that colorectal cancer rates are roughly 20 percent higher in African Americans than non-Hispanic whites with an almost 40 percent higher rate of death. 


In a recent poll of about 500 global Sermo physicians, 80% responded that they were alarmed that cancer rates are 20 percent higher in African Americans, with an almost 40 percent higher rate of death. And 87% believe this disparity for African Americans needs to be urgently addressed. Here’s more of what Sermo physicians have to say on this topic: