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Sermo physicians support a fast-tracked vaccine approach

In a recent Sermo poll of 1,140+ global physicians, 52% said they agreed with the fast-tracked approach to develop a coronavirus vaccine, despite the risks. This was in response to news that the biotech company Moderna reported positive early results from a coronavirus vaccine trial.

Moderna revealed that trial participants developed antibodies against the coronavirus, without any serious adverse effects. Phase 2 trials have been cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration, and if future studies continue to go well, the new vaccine could be available to the public by January 2021. When asked about the vaccine, 45% of the physicians polled said they were encouraged by this news and found it very promising. However, 42% were only somewhat encouraged, because they believe it’s too early to tell and there are too many variables; and 13% are not encouraged—believing it is too early to jump to any conclusions. 

Here’s what Sermo physicians are saying about the coronavirus vaccine…