Patient Case: Unexplained Pain in the Left Ear


 Shared by a German Otolaryngologist

A 66-year-old male patient presented with a history of ear pain on the left side in the last couple of days, but he didn’t have a fever or ear discharge. He has a history of smoking but quit smoking 20 years ago. He denied having weight loss or night sweats.

The patient had a history of high blood pressure, stenosis of the left renal artery, and Chronic Kidney Disease.

The clinical examination revealed an ulcerated and enlarged left tonsil and left cervical lymphadenopathy levels II and III. A Neck CT Scan with contrast medium revealed a mass on the left tonsil. A Thorax+Abdomen CT Scan with contrast medium revealed no metastasis. We performed a Panendoscopy and the pathologist described it as a squamous cell carcinoma (G2) with p-16 expression.

How would you suggest treating this patient? Surgery + Radiotherapy? Radio-chemotherapy? Surgery?

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