Join Sermo’s HCP Sentiment Study Series

In partnership with stakeholders across the healthcare industry, Sermo has created the HCP Sentiment Series to better understand how COVID-19 is impacting the medical community and identify new ways we can support HCPs during these changing times.

Thousands of physicians around the globe generously donate their time to provide insights into how they’re treating patients, what digital tools they’re using, opinions on how companies can engage in this new world, and resources needed to do their jobs.

Download the findings below and submit your questions for future studies!

Pharma/Med Tech

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Part 1: Physician Engagement with Patients and Remote/Telehealth Experiences

Understand how physicians are leveraging remote/telemedicine to treat patients, and explore nuances by specialty/geography.

Part 2: Physician Interactions with Medical Technology and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Learn how pharmaceutical and medical technology companies can optimize outreach and content strategies as physicians increasingly shift online.

Part 3: Timing for Physician Bounce Back to Pre-Pandemic Patient Activity Levels & How this Impacts HCP Access

Physicians share their perspectives on the timeline for returning to “normal” activity levels, and in turn the impact on HCP access for pharma and medtech companies moving forward. Plus, check out our bonus specialty deep-dives across key therapeutic areas.

Part 4: Physician Practice Activity Levels, Telehealth Adoption and Challenges, and the Future of Pharma Engagement

Doctors share their predictions on when practice activity will recover to “normal” levels, a look at telehealth usage and key challenges faced, and the status of sales rep engagement via remote interactions.

Part 5: Current & Future Remote Engagement With Pharma Sales Representatives

Deep-dive into the frequency and mix of in-person vs. remote pharma sales representative engagements, quality of those engagements, and physicians’ content preferences.

Part 6: Remote Engagement & Physician Information Sources

Explore insights on the state of rep engagement today and expected in the next 12 months, physicians’ rep engagement preferences and physicians’ preferred information sources