Everyday Health shares trusted MedPageToday content on Sermo

Everyday Health Expands Reach to Approximately Half of All U.S. Physicians

Everyday Health, Inc. (NYSE: EVDY), a leading digital health and wellness company, announced today a content and marketing solution partnership between its property MedPageToday and Sermo, the number one social network for physicians. Through this partnership, MedPage Today’s award-winning health care content will be syndicated across the Sermo platform, the most engaged physician-only social community.

MedPage Today is the most trusted and reliable source for clinical and policy coverage that directly affects the practices of health care professionals. The MedPage Today content will serve as a key resource and conversation starter for the Sermo social community where members can collaborate on cases and exchange observations to improve patient care, discuss drugs and devices and share information on new therapies and innovation. In addition to syndicating its content, MedPage Today will develop and distribute a newsletter program to drive Sermo members to engage with MedPage Today content on the platform.

The partnership will provide marketers with unparalleled reach to approximately half of all verified U.S. physicians across 75 specializations. Marketing opportunities will be available on MedPage Today’s content on brand-safe pages within the Sermo platform. The new partnership will also allow for comprehensive list-match and engagements of MedPage Today’s custom marketing programs involving the Sermo physician social network.

“MedPage Today’s partnership with Sermo has significantly expanded the U.S. physician audience that engages with our content,” said Ben Wolin, CEO and Co-Founder, Everyday Health. “In addition to bringing marketers increased value, we look forward to playing a role in facilitating high-level discussion and analysis of important medical and health care issues.”

“MedPage Today is the premier source of news for medical professionals, and we’re delighted to be able to offer Sermo members access to MedPage Today content directly on the platform,” said Peter Kirk, CEO of Sermo. “We anticipate this integration will foster deep discussion, exciting new insights and collaboration among Sermo’s physician community.”

About Sermo

Sermo is the US’s leading social network for physicians. With over 270,000 verified U.S. physicians from 96 specialties and subspecialties, Sermo facilitates clinical collaboration, knowledge sharing and discussion throughout 40 percent of the American medical community. Sermo is a meeting of medical minds; it’s the virtual meeting place for physicians where they are free to engage with other physicians regarding everything that’s important to them in the business and practice of medicine.

Founded in 2005, Sermo’s vision is to provide physicians with a safe, private and trusted platform for free and open discussions. By harnessing the collective wisdom of physicians to solve patient cases, Sermo also enables medical crowdsourcing and thus the accelerated advancement of medicine. To learn more about Sermo, visit www.sermo.com.

About MedPage Today

MedPage Today, a property of Everyday Health, Inc. (NYSE: EVDY), provides health care professionals with broad, timely and relevant news coverage that directly affects their practices. Reaching more than half of all U.S. physicians, MedPage Today’s clinical and policy coverage of evidence-based medicine makes it the trusted and reliable source for medical news. With the largest full-time staff of healthcare journalists in the professional space, the MedPage Today team is dedicated to enhancing the lives of health care professionals and their patients through the use of practical tools and educational resources.

About Everyday Health, Inc.

Everyday Health is a leading provider of digital health and wellness solutions. Everyday Health combines premier digital content from leading health brands with sophisticated data and analytics technology to provide a highly personalized and differentiated content experience to its users. During 2013, an estimated average of 43 million consumers and 500,000 healthcare professionals, including one-third of all U.S. physicians, engaged with Everyday Health’s health and wellness properties each month across multiple channels, including the web, mobile devices, video and social media.