Sermo launches redesigned global physician platform

Enhancements Power Physician Engagement, Medical Crowdsourcing & Data Collection Capabilities

New York, New York – September 18, 2019 – Sermo, the leading global social platform for physicians and largest healthcare data collection company, today announced the global launch of its redesigned   physician platform. The new platform has been engineered to drive impactful peer-to-peer physician collaboration across borders and offers native physician engagement and market data and insights opportunities for healthcare partners. As a platform built by physicians for physicians, the complete redesign was driven by the collective feedback from thousands of Sermo’s physician members to allow for deeper medical collaboration and insights. Outfitted with a features and functionality roadmap, the application’s infrastructure allows for rapid iterations based on industry needs, keeping Sermo a living, breathing and evolving medical knowledge bank.

“Our mission has always been to revolutionize real-world medicine. By offering a virtual channel where doctors can quickly collaborate across borders, Sermo facilitates the collective medical knowledge of the global community,” says Peter Kirk, CEO of Sermo. “With our new look and feel, we’re excited to continue serving the unique needs of physicians at the forefront of the healthcare system through a more customizable platform designed to network, learn, and engage.”

Since launching in 2005, Sermo has propelled the medical crowdsourcing movement forward with its 800,000 fully verified and licensed physician members representing over 96 specialties and subspecialties in over 150 countries. To date, users have created over 6 million comments, 8 million poll votes, and submitted over 830,000 drug ratings. According to a recent poll, 97% of physicians report they would recommend Sermo to a fellow doctor.

The complete overhaul and fresh look of the platform makes it easier for physicians to collaborate and engage with content that matters most to their practice and personal interests. Some of the new features include networking tools, customizable topic feeds, advanced machine learning for content relevancy and new ways to earn through real-time market research survey opportunities.

“We are thrilled to innovate the way our healthcare partners connect with and learn from physicians through our enhanced platform,” said Erin Fitzgerald, Senior Vice President, Marketing at Sermo. “Unique insights and opportunities are at the core of our business, and today marks a new day in our journey to connect the global medical community and industry.”

The modernized aesthetic and user-friendly interface of the physician platform follows the company’s launch of a new public-facing site and rebrand, which represents Sermo’s pulse on the medical community and ability to meet its ever-changing needs.

About Sermo
Sermo is a global social platform for physicians that fosters impactful peer-to-peer collaboration & discussions through meaningful insights, data, and trends. It is the most trusted global platform for physicians with over 800,000 fully verified and licensed physicians across 150 countries. The platform enables doctors to anonymously talk real-world medicine, review treatment options via our proprietary Drug Ratings platform, collectively solve patient cases, and earn honorarium from surveys. Through Sermo’s unique community, pharmaceutical and healthcare partners can drive physician awareness and gain deep understanding of brand perceptions to benefit the medical community at large. For more information, please visit and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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