Crowdsourcing tools earns Sermo PM360 Trailblazer Gold Award

Medical Crowdsourcing Tool Gives Doctors Help with Diagnosis and Second Opinions From Hundreds Of Doctors Instantly

Sermo, the leading social network of fully verified, licensed physicians in the U.S. with over 270,000 members, announced today it received a prestigious PM360 Trailblazer Award. The winners were announced on September 18th in New York City at the annual PM360 Trailblazer Awards Gala.

Sermo received The Gold Point of Care award for its medical crowdsourcing tool Sermosolves, one of the most popular features on Sermo. Sermosolves allows physicians to ask questions of their peers, get second opinions, advice, and collaborate on interesting and urgent patient cases from around the globe. The collective and connected wisdom of multiple physicians often brings together 200 years of real-time medical experience at one point in time at zero cost.

Sermosolves is available to physicians via computer or mobile device. Participating physicians have access to all of the cases on Sermosolves, allowing them to offer their insights on a variety of challenging medical situations. The active community on Sermo works to bring the best ideas forward, giving the treating physician valuable insights from hundreds of doctors on patient care.

“We’re very pleased to accept this award from PM360, a leading publication that consistently promotes innovation as the best way forward for the healthcare industry,” said Peter Kirk, CEO of Sermo. “What’s really unique about our most popular feature is that it’s not cumbersome or heavy to use. In other words, it can be used across all healthcare systems, and even globally. It is not tied to any electronic medical record (EMR) or provider system. Crowdsourcing patient cases through Sermosolves is an ideal way for physicians to gain valuable information from the collective knowledge of hundreds of physicians instantly,” Kirk continued. “Our latest release of Sermosolves has been tremendously successful with an increase in usage of 400 percent and 86 percent of all cases are ‘Solved by Sermo’. We have physicians from more than 96 specialties and subspecialties posting on the platform, working together to share their valuable insights at zero cost to the healthcare system.”

Established in 2009, the Trailblazer Awards are given to outstanding companies, marketers and brand managers representing the best the industry has to offer. The PM360 Trailblazer Awards span five categories, including Company of the Year, Lifetime Achievement, Marketer of the Year, Brand Champion, and Initiative Awards.

About Sermo

Sermo is the United States’ leading social network for doctors. Founded in 2005, Sermo’s vision is to provide physicians with a safe, private and trusted platform for free and open discussions.

Sermo is both a doctors’ lounge, where doctors candidly share their true feelings about their profession and lives, and a place where doctors learn from one another by asking real life questions, advice and second opinions about medicine.

Over the course of a decade, doctors have built an important medical knowledge bank within Sermo by virtue of those questions and answers.

With over 270,000 verified U.S. physicians from 96 specialties and subspecialties, representing 40 percent of the American medical community, Sermo harnesses the collective wisdom of physicians, enabling medical crowdsourcing, knowledge sharing and thus the advancement of medicine.

Sermo is the place for real life medicine. It’s the meeting of medical minds and hearts.

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