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Living on the SERMO social network, Drug Ratings is the first and only global peer-to-peer drug review system provided exclusively from verified licensed physicians. Drug Ratings is the world’s largest dataset of physician perceptions on drugs. Drugs are rated according to their efficacy, safety, tolerability, accessibility, and adherence. Reviews often also include commentary based on doctors’ real-world experiences.

Ratings was developed by SERMO and our very own physicians. The statistical methodology behind Ratings was developed and verified independently by biostatistics consultants led by Lee-Jen Wei (Blue Null Consulting Group).


When it comes to drugs, official clinical trial data and product monographs are one half of the story; commentary and reviews are the other half. Combined with official sources of information, SERMO Drug Ratings offers a more holistic and deeper way to evaluate drugs, and can help doctors make more informed prescribing decisions. Drug Ratings ushers in a new dimension of transparency to healthcare and is a new window into the minds of physicians.

As with everything on the SERMO social network, only verified and licensed physicians can participate and rate. When SERMO members read reviews of drugs they know that the information was sourced exclusively from the most relevant audience it could be – their own.


Drug Ratings is an entirely new resource for physicians, but it is built on a well-understood concept. Consumers use star-ratings and reviews to help them understand what to expect from products, restaurants, entertainment, and more. Now, like a consumer can turn to reviews to inform their buying decisions, doctors can combine personal experience from their peers with official information to inform their prescribing decisions.


Until recently, peer perception of drugs has been a black box for physicians. Official manufacturer information offers very little visibility into how drugs are accepted by physicians or used by patients, or how accessible the drugs actually are. A massive amount of such official information is aimed at doctors, though none of it includes their experiences.

Drug Ratings is democratized data: reviews are collected from a broad base of real-world prescribers in real time, and over time. Including hundreds of thousands of data points on perceptions, challenges, and other real experiences in one place, Drug Ratings is an unprecedented bank of peer-supplied healthcare data.


Reviews include aggregate numerical scores for drugs and personal insights from peers. The quantitative and qualitative elements of each review provide revolutionary transparency and balanced assessments of how physicians from around the corner and around the globe feel about drugs, and lend confidence when selecting between multiple drug options.

This is particularly important when doctors are considering prescribing new drugs for the first time, or established drugs for newly approved indications. Never before has it been possible to quantify other doctors’ real world experiences or rapidly access first-hand information at scale about such usage, which has slowed when valuable new discoveries are adopted. Drug Ratings supports the adoption of new drugs by allowing early adopters of drugs to share their knowledge quickly, broadly, and directly to their colleagues.



    Who can contribute to and learn from Drug Ratings?

    While the SERMO social network has formally launched in 30 countries, doctors from anywhere on the planet are encouraged to take full advantage of Drug Ratings. This was built by doctors, for real doctors – no matter where they are practicing.

    Why is Drug Ratings on the SERMO social network?

    Doctors around the world share their experiences and collectively drive real-world medicine forward on SERMO. They engage with each other honestly, in part because they are able to speak anonymously and know that every other person in the network has met strong verification standards. They respect each other’s real-world experiences, and understand that medicine is strengthened when all physicians are given an equal voice in the conversation. There is no other network that has both the protection and vibrancy needed to build a platform like this.

    I’m a doctor – how can I access Drug Ratings?

    Simply head to to log-in or create an account! Drug Ratings is available from the home page of SERMO.

    How many specialties are participating on Drug Ratings?

    More than 90 specialties and subspecialties are currently providing reviews for drugs in Drug Ratings.

    What drugs are rated inside Drug Ratings?

    We are building the first drug database by doctors, for doctors where they can rate over 10,000 drugs including prescriptions drugs, branded generics, and more.

    What is the methodology behind Drug Ratings?

    Ratings was developed by SERMO and our very own physicians. The statistical methodology behind Ratings was developed and verified independently by biostatistics consultants led by Lee-Jen Wei (Blue Null Consulting Group). For more information about the methodology please click here.

    I have more questions about Drug Ratings – where can I get some answers?

    For other questions about Drug Ratings, please write us at

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