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Most countries are behind target in COVID vaccine rollout

As Covid-19 continues to wreak havoc around the world, vaccinations fall short of the targets set by leaders. As the New York Times reports: “in the race to beat the virus, the virus is still way out in front.

In a poll of 480+ global Sermo Physicians, 86% report that their country is behind on their covid vaccine rollout goal; while 74% say that Covid is still on the rise in their region. When asked why the process is slower than anticipated, here’s how Sermo physicians responded: 

  • 52% said lack of government efficiency
  • 17% said lack of vaccines
  • 15% said lack of necessary resources
  • 11% said overpromising by governments
  • 5% said reluctance to accept the vaccine by individuals who qualify

Seventy-three percent of Sermo physicians are concerned by the new more contagious variant. Only 33% of Sermo physicians reported receiving the vaccine. 

Here’s more of what Sermo physicians have to say on this topic:

In S Africa we are again peaking in the increase in cases. No vaccine in sight!!

General Practice (GP)

I live in Israel and while COVID is again on the rise, they are running out of vaccinations and have done their best despite government vaccinating anyone at the end of the day despite age or risk level. Unfortunately there are areas in the periphery that did not get the word out that they are available and the ultra orthodox have been slow to be vaccinated and fast to spread the virus..


In Venezuela, a new increase in deaths and collapsed intensive care services are being observed. But the statistics managed by the regime show an underreporting of cases.

Pediatrics (excluding surgery)

The politicians need real community doctors to show them how to give vaccines quickly and efficiently. If this is a war, we should be going 24/7 no holiday weekend breaks!

Pediatrics (excluding surgery)