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Have You Ever Had a Near-Death Experience?

Near-death experiences and out-of body experiences, often associated with each other, are phenomena that are often considered enigmatic and even mystifying.

However, a new study was recently published claiming that abnormalities in the inner ear are potentially linked to sensations of out-of-body experiences. Specifically, the vestibular system—a system made up of canals in the inner ear that mark a person’s location in space—and how that spatial information becomes integrated with other senses in the brain.

In light of the conversation, we asked Sermo physicians if they’ve ever had a near-death experience or an out-of-body experience.

Over 1000 doctors from 30+ countries responded and the results showed:


The poll was fielded in August of 2017. 1041 physicians responded to the poll. The margin of error for the global poll was ±3%. More information about Sermo polling methodology can be found here.

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