Have You Ever Seen Skin This Color?

Posted by an American physician in the US

A doctor recently posted a challenging patient case on Sermo. He was posting on behalf of a friend who has discolored skin on his lower leg:

“I have problems with lower leg skin. Multiple circulation tests have confirmed that I don’t have a circulation problem. I am not diabetic, and it isn’t a skin disorder. 

More than 10 years ago a round pink spot appeared on my lower left leg. It appeared just a day after I wore split-leather sandals that were from China. A short time later I had a serious Shingles outbreak – involved head scalp, face and eyes… my first such event. My PCP at that time put me on Valtrex. The shingles, which had started to scab over only days after they appeared, cleared up, and over the next ten days, the red spot on my leg became smaller… down to about 2 or 3 mm. About ten days after the end of the anti-viral med, the spot came back and spread. 

Since then, I have had many outbreaks involving my lower left leg that mimic Cellulitis (red skin, hot to the touch, swelling), low grade fever/temperature, eyes hurt, but Rx meds don’t work. I have had all sorts of blood tests done. No trace of anything… I just suffered through an episode about two weeks ago; same as before.  Left leg calf muscle still sore to the touch… and red.”

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