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How Much Does A Doctor Exercise?

Doctors always emphasize to their patients the importance of exercise: We’ve all heard from our doctors that we should get at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day. It’s considered an effective form of “preventive medicine” and is advocated for by all healthcare professionals. But do doctors practice what they preach?

Recently, a Sermo physician from the UK asked his fellow doctors, “How much do you think is the right amount of exercise?” In response, Sermo doctors shared their personal fitness routines:

“I do heavy lifting 5 times a week. 60-70 minutes sessions, where I go to failure on almost every set, so I am always very tachycardic and tired after each set. I don’t do much cardio…” – Rheumatology

“I run everyday. Average 30-40 miles a week. And I do it not to prevent cancer but to look and feel good.” – Internal Medicine

“My cardiovascular workout is drinking strongly brewed coffee… and that ain’t no joke.” – Neurology

“Personally I do best with alternating swimming and biking a couple of times a week and doing some moderate weights ‘for the looks.’” – Psychiatry

“I just started running and hope I can keep it up. While the health benefits are there, I find that I actually enjoy it, too. I spend too much time in front of a screen of some sort anyway.” – Rheumatology

“Moderate and regular walks. Healthy mind leads to healthy body.” – Ophthalmology

“I am a cyclist and get a psychological boost from being out in the countryside on my bike (provided I don’t get killed one day by a distracted driver).” – Neurology

“CrossFit… aerobic weightlifting. Best of both worlds.” – Hematology Oncology

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