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The smells that lead to diagnosis

There are times when a doctor must use multiple senses to determine diagnosis. A Hungarian doctor recently shared on Sermo some of the strange smells that can lead to diagnosis.

Have you noticed that there are many diseases which carry the scent of trouble from afar?

For example the aromatic smell in some hepatic disease: The patient can feel the breath of aromatic scent.

Another is the T1DM newly detected diabetes ketoacidosis. The smell of acetone.

The smell of urine in Pseudomonas infections.

Typhus skin smells of freshly baked bread. One study claims yellow fever makes skin smell “like a butcher shop”, and certain lymph node infections in patients will give off a stale beer smell.

Fistulas in patients with Crohn’s disease is characterized by the presence of the odor.

Bleeding is the most common cause of gastrointestinal tract smell. The smell of melena stools… once you feel these smells will never forget!

What other illnesses can you pinpoint based on a smell?

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