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Telemedicine Explodes In These Uncertain Times

Given the state of the world, many doctors are now using telemedicine to see their patients for routine checkups. This trend is being embraced by physicians and patients alike during this time of self-isolation and quarantine. However, it’s also a trend that may have lasting implications for the future of medicine. 

In a poll of 1,300+ Sermo physicians, 85% confirmed that they are now seeing patients via video or telephone; and 90% of them have colleagues who are using telemedicine. When asked about this drastic shift away from in-person visits, 68% responded that they believe it will have a lasting impact on how doctors see patients—it’s showing the world that telemedicine can be effective. In contrast, 28% of the physicians polled believe that seeing patients in person is far too important for this movement to take hold. That said, given the right circumstances, 77% support the shift toward telemedicine. 

The explosive development of telemedicine inspired 188 Sermo physicians to respond with personal opinions and experiences. Below is a sampling of their reactions—in their own words…

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