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Honoring national hospital week

This is National Hospital Week, an opportunity to honor and spotlight our hospitals, health systems, and health care workers. This year, the American Hospital Association (AHA) did something a little different. To honor the sacrifices made by health care workers during the pandemic, the AHA collaborated with Musicians On Call, (MOC), a nonprofit organization that delivers the healing power of music. Together, they released an original song and video inspired by the words of health care workers. You can learn more about this initiative and listen to the song at

This year’s National Hospital Week theme is “Inspiring Hope Through Healing.” The AHA is encouraging healthcare workers to share what has inspired them throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. In a recent poll, 195+ Sermo physicians discuss their experiences working in hospitals during the pandemic, and what inspired  them to keep going. Here’s what they said:

Sixty percent of the physicians said they currently work at a hospital, and 80% said they witnessed the tremendous toll that hospitals experienced during the pandemic. Seventy percent said they struggled emotionally and/or physically with the high demands of being a doctor during the pandemic. When asked what inspired the doctors to keep going during the pandemic, this is how they responded:

What inspired you to keep going during the pandemic?

My patients
Friends and family
My colleagues
The need to heal

Regarding stress levels, 43% said their stress levels are now lower than they were at the height of the pandemic, 31% said they are the same, and 23% said stress levels are higher now.

62% said they feel their current hospital or health system works to inspire hope.

Here’s how physicians responded when asked which areas hospitals need to improve for the future:

  • 30% said facility and technology infrastructure
  • 21% said workplace culture
  • 21% said leadership and strategy
  • 15% said patient satisfaction
  • 10% said opportunities for growth

Physicians across the globe have stepped up in extraordinary ways during the pandemic, and we at Sermo would like to take this opportunity to thank our physicians for everything they’ve done and continue to do.

Below, Sermo physicians from around the world share their professional insights, perspectives, and opinions on this important topic—in their own words: 

Our recovery is still a work in progress, but no one deserves more credit for how far we have come than our hospitals and incredible heath care workforce. Every single team member … doctors, nurses, administrators, EMTs and people in every kind of support position … has played a key role in saving lives during the pandemic.

In pandemic like this nothing but Hospital and every staff member gives Hope for healing…. 

Gastroenterology, India

My hospital has inspired me in an unexpected way. I never thought of living [through] a pandemic or being part of it, seeing patients die, winning the battle, seeing how my colleagues give their lives every day to save the life of each patient without Ask or judge. [W]hy such a moment is happening? [W]e are low-key heroes who only seek the good of humanity, we do not expect anything in return but how good it feels when your patient comes forward. [I]t does not matter the fatigue if the satisfaction is great…

Radiology, Mexico

My current hospital works to inspire hope by promoting a culture of support and belonging. There is collegiality and respect with regard to each member of the division.

Pediatrics, U.S.

When Pandora’s box was opened, the only thing left in it was hope. All the hospitals in the world are the representation of Pandora’s box.

G.P., Mexico

Coffee breaks compliments of the hospital are a good gesture.

G.P., Canada

I believe as far as the experience I have had with the hospital I have been associated with as an attending physician in the past, that there is a dichotomy in terms of the face that is presented by the institution. The physicians, nurses, nurses aids, technicians and other health care workers are for the most part very dedicated to the patients and do the most to improve their mood and outlook and create as much as possible a positive environment and a hopeful perspective. However, increasingly in today’s health care system, hospital administrations are more and more pressured by increasing costs and governmental requirements and mandates, which results in an increased focus on the bottom line and a rather more unsympathetic organizational presentation.

Internal Medicine, U.S.

Currently in the health system of our country the infrastructure and supplies are insufficient, but we have a health personnel that, although very poorly paid, has a preparation and vocation that inspires patients to attend public centers in search of help.

Pediatrics, Venezuela

Hospitals should make more effort to emphasize the arts, through paintings and architecture, and sponsoring poetry readings.

Psychiatry, U.S.

I like to see hospitals and healthcare systems in the future to have more a local community approach, understanding more cultural competency, diversity, with more cultural sensitivity. I would improve the Hospital and Healthcare system outreach program, understanding and interpreting the needs of the local Community, helping overcome socio-economic and racial disparities; and that would be one of my biggest dreams!

Pediatrics, U.S.

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