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Trick or Treat Yo’ Self, But Thank Your Doctors!

A trip to the emergency room is easily the scariest thing that could happen on Halloween… but fear not! Doctors will be there when you need them, even on holidays.

In a poll that is still running, 52 percent of Sermo physicians said they would be working on Halloween this year:

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 4.39.32 PM

According to another question in the same poll, 33% of doctors have treated a patient who was still wearing a Halloween costume:

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 4.39.56 PM

Doctors also shared some of their most spooktacular stories:

“I did one of the greatest cases of my career one Halloween night. A pregnant woman was admitted to OB in labor., with ruptured membranes. She was 24-25-26 weeks and had come in from a Halloween party, dressed as a showgirl in a leopard print 1-piece and black fishnets.” – US, Family Medicine

“Halloween patient story: Patient dressed up as a tube of toothpaste was a pedestrian struck by a car. The directions “squeeze tube and flatten as you go up” came to mind as we were treating him. Luckily, the patient did well. no internal injuries noted on CT.” – US, Emergency Medicine

“Working Halloween in SF has been crazy, but never boring. I work the night shift and the people in costumes showing up to the ER with chest pain are often so wasted that getting a history is next to impossible. But the staff always seems to be in a more playful mood and ready for anything and everything.” – US, Cardiology

“Viagra has a lot to answer for……I once had to attend to an older gent who had priapism post Viagra and had it stuck in a pumpkin on Halloween.” – Australia, GP

“The best thing about working on Halloween is to know the stories of each character that goes into emergencies.” – Mexico, General Practice

“When my kids were little, Halloween was important to take off. Now that they are grown, I volunteer to take call Halloween so my partners with small children can enjoy it.” – US, ORL/ENT

So, for those of you going out this Halloween: have a fang-tastic night, stay safe, and remember – only treats (no tricks!) for your physician!

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