Solved on Sermo: June 2021 edition

Physicians bring difficult cases to their peers on Sermo to crowdsource insights, treatment and management plans, and potential diagnoses. Here’s a recent case that was solved on Sermo.

Perforating Cornea Injury with Traumatic Cataract

Patient: 48-year-old male experiencing ocular pain and blurred vision in his right eye

  • A thin piece of metal perforated the cornea, the anterior capsule of the lens and the lens 
  • No intraocular foreign body
  • Visual acuity was hand movement
  • Intraocular pressure was good with no indication of a leak
  • Traumatic cataract had already developed

Sermo physicians were asked when they would perform cataract surgery in this case and 75% of respondents said they would perform cataract extraction immediately, while 25% said they would wait and see as long as they could. 

“This is an ideal situation for manual I & A with the Simcoe technique, infusion and aspiration can be very tightly controlled and minimise the risk of extending a posterior posterior capsular perforation.”

– Ophthalmologist, U.S.