Solved on Sermo: May 2021 edition

Physicians bring difficult cases to their peers on Sermo to crowdsource insights, treatment and management plans, and potential diagnoses. Here’s a recent case that was solved on Sermo.

Migraine vs. COVID-19 Infection?

Patient: Healthy 25-year-old male experiencing strong frontal headaches and light sensitivity after being sick for about one week. 

  • Symptoms treated with ibuprofen every 6 hours and though he experienced some relief, symptoms did not disappear entirely. 
  • On several occasions, he also felt fatigue and chills.
  • After a few more days, he developed a dry cough.  

At that point, he consulted a doctor who ordered a physical exam and a chest X-ray.  The doctor also suspected the possibility of a COVID-19 infection and ordered a rapid test, which came back negative. 

Sermo physicians were asked if they believed symptoms were the result of COVID-19 infection and 81% of respondents believed that it could have been COVID-19, even with the negative rapid test result.  

I am impressed by another case of COVID-19. Rapid antibody test is untimely. Antigen test or PCR must be performed. XR IS SUGGESTIVE OF COVID-19. It should be treated as such and platelet control performed to evaluate if there is a decrease.

Anonymous physician